PLACERVILLE (CBSLA) — A Northern California barbershop owner is apologizing after an image of a Colin Kaepernick doll hanging from a noose was posted online.

A man identified only as Joseph told Fox 40, “They got Colin Kaepernick hanging from a noose.”

The owner, who is known as “Bowtie Barber,” said he had the doll has been hanging in his shop since 2016, when the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback first took a knee during the national anthem, igniting a firestorm.

The barber has taken down the doll, and he says he would like to apologize to Joseph.

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  1. Rob Horg says:

    Apologize for what?

    1. Alan Dryer says:

      For what? Because he only used a noose instead of a draw and quarter.

  2. Marsha Jenkins says:

    Man, why would you apologize? You have a right to your opinion. I guess what Kaepernick did was ok? Everyday we are forced to put up with things that we don’t like and worse yet, are expected to approve of these idiots. We’re not allowed to voice our opinion, because it’s not politically correct. Well that’s just BS! We’ve become a bunch of wimps. People, stand up for what you believe in and respond in kind. What do you think is going to happen. So someone sees and disapproves and notifies the media. So what. It’s not against the law to have an opinion. Stand behind your actions.

    1. Charles Alfred Diaz says:

      Stupid to hang a doll of anyone from a noose. The idea that a person is vilified to such an extent for exercising a Constitutional right is beyond me. We don’t have to agree with “kneelling”, but getting worked up into a fury over it is plain stupid. These football players are not anti-American. They are not protesting the flag. They are protesting an abuse of power by government officials and they are doing it respectfully. Some of you really need some professional help.

      1. Steven Smith says:

        There is no Constitutional right to kneel during the national anthem while preparing for a football game. They have that right when they are off the field, out of uniform but they are subject to employers rules while in uniform and on that field. It doesn’t matter what THEY think they are protesting, the perception is they are protesting the flag and the anthem.

  3. Donny Dingle says:

    No need to apologize. Stick a few pins in that doll, too.

    1. Nora Lloyd says:


  4. Shep Kreitenstein says:

    He hasn’t a thing for which to apologize. Kaepernick should apologize and seek pardon from the American public. PUT THE DOLL BACK UP!!!!

  5. Jeff Mitchell says:

    Don’t apologize. F…k Joseph!

  6. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  7. muneshadowe says:

    Once again the left in this country gets their way. Will someone with a pair stand up to them for once?

  8. Sitting here laughing at all yall comments trying to hide your racism. We not fooled why you would want any human hung on a noose smh pathetic

    1. Please speak English. I don’t understand your racist.

    2. Rob Nema says:

      I’m sorry – I must have missed the apologies from Kathy Griffin for posing with a fake severed head of our President and the apologies from Michelle whatshername who blatantly insulted Sarah Sanders. No apology for demonstrating OUR opinions about Kaepernick!

    3. “…We [sic] not fooled…” Bwahahahahaha!

    4. Doug Oritz says:

      I guess the plural of “yall” is “all yall”.

  9. I’m sorry – I must have missed the apologies from Kathy Griffin for posing with a fake severed head of our President and the apologies from Michelle whatshername who blatantly insulted Sarah Sanders. No apology for demonstrating OUR opinions about Kaepernick!

  10. James Bowen says:

    Gee, hope he made a bonfire and tossed it in,

  11. Why apologize – you’re only showing what the rest of America thinks!

  12. La Jacks says:

    ABSOLUTELY no reason to APOLOGIZE. He is ANTI AMERICAN and so is nike. Most of there merchandise is made in ASIA. Time to put a HUGE TARIFF on nike.

  13. Since when has America been “defended” by these “Brave soldiers” you claim Kaepernick is disrespecting. Y’all not been invaded since 1800’s. Soldiers!? – Nah, just cannon fodder for corporate America/military industrial complex., LEMMINGS!

    1. Chris MacKenzie says:

      Boogie on back to school. America was “invaded” on December 7, 1941. Not sure what else you would call a mass bombing attack on US soil by a foreign power. Beyond that, there is a grain of truth in your concerns about how we use our military and our troops’ lives these days.

      Nonetheless, these troops do not make the policy decisions. They carry out orders and, too often, die or are maimed doing their best. They deserve the respect that runs in parallel with nation, flag … and anthem.

      In too many countries in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, Colin Kapaernick would disappear in the middle of the night for what he’s doing, taken by the local government thugs. He and his buddies are whining about a perceived unfairness while enjoying the unprecedented freedom and affluence that is America. It’s his right but, frankly, he ought to can it.

  14. Chuck Zellers says:

    Apologize? Tell him to “do something” off.

  15. Jimmy Kilpatrick says:

    Should have gotten a medal.

  16. Apology?!?! For what? Hanging the chia pet head in effigy?!?! How many presidents have been hung in effigy have gotten apologies from those doing the hanging?


  17. Scotty T Reid says:

    I am a Gulf War Vet who forbade his children from joining the US military. I implore all non-white people not to join the US military which has a terrible rape culture among other things. These racists don’t care anything about their non-white fellow Americans. Let them fight their own GD wars. That is all.

  18. Noah Vaile says:

    Places doll, head down, in garbage can labeled, “Career.”

  19. Jack Cooper says:

    I am seriously conflicted by this guy I hate the fact he believe the President is a racist but in the exact same breath he wanted to know why Hillary isn’t in prison and being allowed to run for president. Don’t remember his original protest does anyone. It was all about Police brutality and Hillary.

  20. San Tan says:

    my Kaepernick doll gets dragged behind my car on a rope….There will NOT be any apology

  21. Don McCoy says:

    If it were a Trump doll they’d give him the key to the city.

  22. Vox Veritas says:

    Colin Kaepernick would like to apologize for not killing enough policemen.

  23. apologize for what…..that POS kaepernick is the one who should apologize to the nation as a whole for disrespecting our flag……little joey was offended well too fu*kin bad….get over it….

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