NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — The accusations are piling up. More women are coming forward, accusing a Newport Beach doctor and his girlfriend of sexually assaulting them.

10 women have now stepped forward, according to the Orange County District Attorney, to say they are victims of Newport Beach orthopedic surgeon Grant Robicheaux and his girlfriend Cerissa Riley.

The pair were arrested last week and charged with drugging, raping and assaulting two women at the doctor’s home on the Newport peninsula.

Don Haar lives a block away and was told by a neighbor she had to call the police back in 2016.

“Twice she had to call 911 because she heard screams coming from the house,” said Haar. “One of those two times someone actually ran out of the house and was running across the street with her clothes all disheveled screaming that ‘he’s trying to rape me! He’s trying to rape me!’ ”

In court documents obtained by the LA Times one of the women says she first met Dr. Robicheaux at China Palace, a bar and restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway, and then went out with him on a boat.

Officials say Robicheaux and Riley worked in tandem to lure their victims.

One victim told police she was “very tired and very intoxicated” after the boat ride. So much so the couple carried her into a bed at Robicheaux’s home, she says. The doctor allegedly gave the woman two pills and she “immediately felt lethargic.”

The documents revealed that “the victim felt paralyzed by the apparent drugs and did not feel as though she could physically resist” Robicheaux and Riley while they were having sex with her.

“My main question would be why would they do something like this? They seemed like they were good people. Had good jobs. Why would they have to do something like this?,” said Haar.


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