SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) – A man on probation for illegally possessing weapons was caught with a 3D printed gun inside his home, Sacramento officials reported Wednesday.

The Sacramento County Probation Department released a photo of the 3D printed plastic gun allegedly discovered inside the living room of George Vang, who is on probation for illegally possessing firearms.

The partially finished 3D printed gun (left) was discovered in the Sacramento home of George Vang (right). (Sacramento County Probation Department)

As threatening as it looks, Vang’s 3D printed gun is not functional. The probation department reports Vang told officers he gave up finishing it because he said it became too difficult.

For people who live near Vang, the discovery was still concerning.

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“It just scares me, because I sit out here in my garage to relax, and to know someone is around here is making guns and can hurt these babies around here playing, is shocking,” said Pattee Bluford, who lives on Vang’s street.

The probation department issued a statement reading: “The ability for a criminal or gang member to easily access and create a fully functioning firearm is alarming. These 3D weapons, known as ‘ghost guns,’ are untraceable, potentially lethal, and available to anyone without a license.”

A spokesperson for the Sacramento County Probation Department said Vang was arrested on a probation violation because drugs were found on him. However, officers said they could not charge him for possessing the 3D gun because it was not functional.

While federal law bans guns that cannot be discovered by metal detectors, the current language does not strictly cover plastic 3D printed gun technology.

Additionally, a legal battle over posting blueprints for plastic weapons online is making its way through federal courts.

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    If he can’t be charged for it then it’s not a weapon and there is no story. It’s fake news.

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