KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan (CBSLA) — A restaurant in Taiwan is turning a lot of heads after adding “puppies” to its menu. The tiny, lifelike dogs are sculpted out of ice cream!

The Shar-Pei pups at J.C. Co Art Kitchen in Kaohsiung look almost too real to eat. They’re molded out of chocolate, milk tea or peanut-flavored ice cream, and it takes about five hours to make just one.

The ice cream is first scooped into a mold and left in a freezer to harden at -22°F, using a special recipe that allows “furry” ice crystals to form on the puppy’s “body.”

Then artists hand-paint details on the tiny pups, including their big, inky black eyes, using chocolate sauce.

The treats, which cost roughly $3.50 each, are such a hit that the shop says it’s struggling to keep up with demand.