SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) — A newborn is without his father Friday after immigration agents detained the man as he was taking his wife to deliver the baby.

Security video from the gas station of Joel Arrona being detained (L). Wife Maria del Carmen Venegas is seen on the phone inside the gas station convenience store in San Bernardino, Aug. 15, 2018.

“I feel very bad right now,” Maria del Carmen Venegas told CBS2 News in Spanish as she held her baby boy while still in her hospital gown.

Her husband Joel Arrona-Lara was driving his wife to the hospital for a scheduled Cesarean section Wednesday afternoon when they had to stop to get gas. That’s when their car was approached by two SUVs. Maria said they were officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The mother of five was then asked to show her identification and complied. When the agents asked Arrona-Lara, the couple said he didn’t have the ID on him, but that they lived nearby and could go get it for them. The agents then asked Arrona-Lara to exit the vehicle, searched the car for weapons, and put Arrona into custody, leaving Maria alone at the gas station.

Security video shows her visibly upset inside the convenience store.

Maria ended up having to drive herself to the hospital to deliver the baby.

“My husband needs to be here,” Maria said. “He had to wait for his son for so long, and someone just took him away.”

Maria told CBS2 Arrona-Lara, who is from Mexico, has never been stopped by police, and that he’s never been in trouble with the law, not even for a ticket. However, ICE said Saturday Arrona-Lara was picked up because he is wanted by law enforcement authorities in Mexico on an outstanding homicide warrant.

An attorney representing Arrona-Lara on behalf of the nonprofit San Bernardino Community Service Center said those charges are unconfirmed. Emilio Amaya Garcia told CBS2 he has been in contact with the Mexican consulate who said it currently has no information about ICE’s claim.

Garcia added Arrona-Lara’s detention paperwork shows he is in custody for being in the country without documentation.

In the following statement from Friday, ICE makes no mention of homicide charges, only that Arrona-Lara was taken into custody the agency’s “Fugitive Operations Team”:

“Mr. Arrona-Lara, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the United States, was taken into custody Wednesday by ICE Fugitive Operations Team officers in San Bernardino, Calif. Mr. Arrona-Lara is currently in ICE custody pending removal proceedings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

“ICE continues to focus its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy. However, ICE will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. All of those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the family. To donate, click here.

This story has been updated.

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  1. Come here from Drudge? Check out for more real California news.

  2. Glenn Richmond says:

    Was he lying when he said his papers were at home? Why does his wife have papers and he doesn’t? While in the US what has he been doing? Since their child will be born in the US the child will be a citizen. Then citizenship can be granted to bothe parents as well as many other family members. Who was or will be paying for the c section? Are they receiving government subsidies?

  3. Enter the US illegally you are subject to deportation. There would not have been an issue for this person had he not done so. Its very funny,left wing wingnuts who cite the Constitution when it comes to Trump could less about immigration laws. Hypocrites all.
    While this individual story is sad from a human perspective, the blame is not on ICE .

    1. How is it you managed to reach adulthood without learning two wrongs don’t make a right?

      1. Sanford Slabaugh says:

        First of all, there is only one wrong. Second of all, it is a federal crime to work in the US with out a visa permitting it. The law is there for the protection of the American worker, which, by the way, have a flat family income for the last 43 years! That, in part, due to illegal immigrants diluting the work force and depressing wages.

        Then there is this, not reported by CBS. Thank you CBS!

        “(Update on Sunday Aug. 19 at 1:10 a.m.: On Saturday afternoon, ICE detailed that Arrona, a Mexican national, was wanted in Mexico under an arrest warrant issued on homicide charges. “Mr. Arrona-Lara was brought to ICE’s attention due to an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges,” ICE said in a statement, without detailing the charges. ”

        So this is a case of one right cures two wrongs!

  4. Shannon Martin says:

    The invader who illegally entered our Country is being deported.
    We are a Nation of Laws or we’re not

    1. ignatzz says:

      Some laws stink. The man who beheaded Paul the Apostle was obeying the law. The people who hid Jews from the Nazis were breaking the law.

      And if your law says your should destroy the life of a man who never harmed anyone, and tear his family to pieces. Then your laws stink, your laws are evil, your laws come from the pit of Hell, and your laws should be changed.

      1. oldladycitizen says:

        Are laws that punish people from breaking into your house bad? If not, why not and how is that any different than laws keeping people from invading our country?

      2. John R Willis says:

        He is wanted in Mexico for MURDER ! He has been here for 12 years, Her for 2 and they have 3 US Citizen children now so they are draining your TAX dollars . Murder in Mexico and move here, live for 10 years until your wife comes and then start the baby citizen factory up ! These are the people we want ? I dont think so ! WAKE UP AMERICA !

  5. Ellie Hampton says:

    The disregard for common decency shown by several of the comments on this story is disheartening. So often I repeat my pastor’s favorite saying, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

    American “Christian” values need a makeover. And soon.

  6. Ramon Martinez says:

    Have no doubt in your mind, the taxpayer is paying for everything. My father came here from Europe with his family. They came as legal immigrants through Ellis Island. He had to wait five years to become a citizen. He had to learn English and recite a paragraph in front of a judge. The people mentioned in this story don’t even have the last name. Bet she is on welfare. Kick every last one of them out.

  7. Johan Lapje says:

    Go to Mexico to download your brat.

  8. Betty Farnsworth says:

    I have a hard time with these comments. Human beings are no longer important to people. The law is supreme right or wrong. That’s what’s wrong with this country. No humanity left. People’s souls are gone.

    1. Andy Pucko says:

      Well, you have to understand that these commenters don’t see these people as human beings- they don’t see ANYONE in the out-group as human beings. POC, smart people, feminists, the GLBT community, urbanites, they could pile our bodies a mile high and they would be giddy with joy as long as they didn’t have to see it, smell it, or do the killing with their own hands.

      Good Americans, all.

      1. Your extreme tribalism is showing. How glibly you assign people to groups, as if no thought or larger association is possible. How many members of your group listing are making these comments objecting to the ills of illegal immigration? You have no way of knowing, your just expressing your opinion informed by bigotry, not intelligence.

  9. Dave Turkheimer says:

    So, because he has a pregnant wife, he gets to break the law. Wanna bet he doesn’t have health insurance? So guess who’s paying the wife’s hospital bills? Hint, you (we) are, sucker

    1. Betty Farnsworth says:

      You are judging not knowing anything. She had no problem so she was legal, maybe even born here. He might have a job with insurance, you don’t know. You are doing whats call stereotyping. Assuming everyone of one characteristic as all being the same. Just like judging all Christians by looking at the Westboro Church. Stick to facts not what you guess.

      1. Dave Barlett says:

        The facts are that she doesn’t speak a word of English so your theory about her being a citizen goes out the window.

    2. Alison Raab Bowers says:

      How do you know he broke the law, that they have no insurance….fact based on what? You must know something that the video doesn’t show. There is absolutely nothing in that video that he has broken the law. Driving without your license is not breaking the law and is not cause for arrest. What that was, was inhumane… starting from the moment ICE drove up behind them with two unmarked vehicles….. Period!

  10. Kelley French says:

    I don’t understand why people are shocked by this. This can happen anywhere where a person is illegally residing in a foreign country. We either have laws, or we don’t. Selective application of the law is how governments become corrupt, and how revolutions come about. Enforcing the law is not always an easy thing to do, but it is absolutely vital to maintenance of a free and FAIR society. Laws apply to EVERYONE, or they apply to no one. Use your brains.

    1. Newsflash: this government is already corrupt. You’re welcome.

    2. The next time a cop pulls you over and offers to let you off with a warning, you will insist on getting a ticket. Right? Because the laws apply to everyone or they apply to no one. No leeway, no delaying even a day so his wife will have him there while giving birth. You wouldn’t be a hypocrite and allow yourself to get off with a warning, I’m sure.

  11. Should have driven her to TJ Now we have another illegal legal child we did not need. One who should not have been here anyway. End birthright citizenship now.

  12. Albert Reichenbach says:

    Bravo, ICE. Keep up the great work! If she is here legally, fine. Let her and the baby stay. But deport that husband right away. Want to keep the family together? Let the mother and child accompany him if they wish. I bet they will choose not to.

  13. Betty Farnsworth says:

    Apartheid was legal, the holocaust was legal, Slavery was legal, colonialism was legal. Legality is a matter of power, not justice.

    1. Colleen Kennedy Rutledge says:

      Well said. Thank you. From these comments I thought we were a country devoid of compassion. You prove otherwise. Again, thank you.

  14. Kate Craig says:

    So daddy was an illegal and mommy now has five children who became citizens by being born here. ICE was doing its job. Keep daddy away from mommy so she won’t keep pushing out babies one after the other. I’d love to know who is paying for all of them.

    1. He was a convicted smuggler. He’s going to prison.

  15. Don Wooten says:

    Ice is doing their job,if they hadn’t entered this country illegally they would be having this issue , they have no body to blame but themselves

  16. Scot Smith says:

    5 kids are too many.
    And, learn English.

  17. Chuck D. Spears says:

    Now how do we get out the FREAKING welfare babies and the mother??!! GET OUT!!! not on my dime get out!!

  18. Buck Nakey says:

    Send mom and dad and anchor baby back to their country of origin. Is the illegal alien gonna pay for that $20,000.00 hospital bill and all the prenatal care.
    Get those moochers out a here.

  19. Bob Suyak says:

    ICE was doing their job, guy was here illegally, but of course liberals ignore the truth.

  20. Chris McClelland says:

    A mother of five…. Yes, that’s 5 anchor babies that we SHOULDN’T be forced to care for! If he wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be wasting tens of thousands of dollars on illegal alien anchor babies. Just think, we PAID for her 5 other kids. So we’re looking at over $100,000 wasted on anchor babies who SHOULD HAVE been born in Mexico.

    I am DONE with this idiocy. Deport them all, including the kids, cut off ALL welfare and funding for illegals and repeal the birthright clause. We are being abused and it’s sickening.

    1. It must be hard to be as stuffed with hatred as you are. Hatred of people who have never harmed you.

      When you get to the Judgement Seat of Christ, those “anchor babies” that you wanted to hurt will be standing with Him, and if you don’t repent of your hatred, He will spit you out of His mouth.

      1. Em Chappell-Root says:

        I’ve read your replies. I wish more people were like you and less like the hate mongers and selfish jerks you’re responding to.

      2. John D. Marshall says:

        Channel 9 spreads it’s bias

  21. Don MacEwan says:

    A C-Section delivery is an expensive procedure and requires an extended hospital stay for mother and child. Who is paying for all that cost?

  22. Good work boys. They have to go back.

  23. Monika Otter says:

    no matter how venomous some of you feel on this, can we agree on one basic thing: dumping a woman in labor on her way to the hospital at a convenience store, all by herself, and forcing her to drive herself— that’s criminal, right? Right? Or have you lost all sense of decency?

  24. Rob Drake says:

    It’s an unfortunate situation but the reality is that if you don’t want to risk being deported, you need to come here legally. Simple as that.

  25. Frank Johnson says:

    Every third-world loser on earth has a sob story. I just DO NOT CARE anymore; we can’t support the whole world. Why can’t these people fix their own dysfunctional countries?

  26. John J KevlockSr says:

    Illegal is illegal. How they got caught doesn’t make them legal.

  27. Brian Patronie says:

    Good deal, my tax dollars at work!

  28. Jason Balonque says:

    I feel bad for all the parents who’ve been separated from their children because of Democrat obstruction to building a wall on the Mexican border, and by obstructing the progression of any immigration reform. Those parents will never have the chance to see their children again because they were murdered in cold blood by illegal aliens who weren’t even supposed to be inside the United States.

    #WalkAway #LeaveTheDNCPlantation

  29. Piper Rose says:

    I had respect for a hard working “immigrant” dishwasher who worked his way up, eventually opening multiple restaurants all over town. However, it was thru drug distribution! His restaurants were all a money laundering front. He went to prison years ago. This week he was arrested again for distributing Meth… about the same time that Mexican Marines seized record 50 tons of meth…”Federal, state and local law enforcement officers allege that four of the 22 people — Alfredo Herrera, 73; Domingo Aguirre, 60; Javier Passement, 53; and Pedro Perez Jr., 65 — operated two wire services in Tulsa and Broken Arrow to remit proceeds from methamphetamine trafficking to an unidentified supplier of the drug in Mexico, according to indictments unsealed on Wednesday.”
    “Borders! We don’t need no stinking borders.”

  30. Rico Soiree says:

    >”Maria told CBS2 Arrona has never been stopped by police, and that he’s never been in trouble with the law”

    She, of course, employs Lawlessmexicospeak…a form of communication that refuses to recognize that illegal acts are crimes.

    “Mr. Arrona-Lara, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the United States…”

  31. BA DeMonte says:

    Democrats wrote and passed into law our current immigration laws, yet now villainize Trump for enforcing the laws they wrote. If you don’t want picked up be ICE, then don’t break the law by invading the USA.

  32. Chuck Yates says:

    And who cares where you are , a warrant is a warrant. Deport the criminal.

  33. Just another fatherless anchor baby. Maybe he should have come here legally. Too complicated? Deport the mother as well, they can take their anchor baby with them.

  34. so he kills someone in Mexico then runs t o hillary and CNN in the states for absolution? A f-ing murderer. Way to go people. And you said Trump was wrong? A murderer. Hell I suppose it is OK because in san francisco they let an illegal go who murdered Kate Satley. We want mexican murderers. That is the way democrats and district courts think to make america great. A murderer. Oh my. ICE said Saturday Arrona-Lara was picked up because he is wanted by law enforcement authorities in Mexico on an outstanding homicide warrant. and go fund me? who will get more Kate or this murderer. If leftists have their way I bet the mexican. They hate normal americans.

  35. Martin Watson says:

    You don’t need a go fund me account. The trip back to Mexico is provided free to you and your anchor baby

  36. Arrona Lara has reportedly been living illegally in the U.S. for 12 years. ICE released the following statement about his arrest on Friday:

    “Mr. Arrona-Lara, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the United States, was taken into custody Wednesday by ICE Fugitive Operations Team officers in San Bernardino, Calif. Mr. Arrona-Lara is currently in ICE custody pending removal proceedings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).”

    Jerry Brown is already trying to figure out if he can give him a pardon

  37. William Gary Culpepper says:

    Her English is so good, (not) obviously these people don’t want to assimilate, they just want the free stuff.

  38. Too bad, so sad. Shouldn’t have come to the United States illegally, murderer or not. He just scr3wed his own child out of a father, as did the child’s mother by enabling his illegal presence in the US. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: LEARN IT. KNOW IT. ACT ACCORDINGLY.

  39. This is flat out out of this world. My grandfather, his brothers, my great-grandparents all came here from New Zealand in the 1910’s. I have his Nationalization paper’s. My people came to this country legally, they didn’t sneak in. So others can also do it righ, also. So get with it the United States of America has laws just like every country does, so why should we not enforce them when everyone else enforce there’s but we’re the only country that gets criticism for enforcing our laws. So get with it world if you don’t want people breaking your immigration laws then why be critical of the United States wanting to in force our law’s.

  40. “However, ICE said Saturday Arrona-Lara was picked up because he is wanted by law enforcement authorities in Mexico on an outstanding homicide warrant.”


  41. Thank you ICE for arresting murder suspects. Please ignore the idiots criticizing you.

  42. Chris Johnson says:

    Guess she needs to find a new husband here in the USA. Her current one is a murderer. She needs to trade up. Plenty of nice men in the USA and not all of us are racist. Stop crying and deal with life.

  43. Eric L. Holley says:

    if they are illegal send them back , if there legal had are inicent then thats unfair situation , wander what they do to aford 5 kids

  44. Roberto Da Silva Ribeiro says:

    One of the scariest things to behold are groups of stupid people/idiots (especially when they vote in mass).

  45. I want to say thank you to ICE for continuing to protect the public from these murderers and rapists that some insist on letting invade our land.

  46. Stupid Amuricans I don’t need to show my stinkin PAPERS! That’s an illegal stop & search. No probable cause except they were POC.

  47. Dan Klein says:

    My wife got pulled over for speeding while taking my daughter from urgent care to the ER for appendicitis. The cop couldn’t have cared less. And since we weren’t illegals, the press didn’t care either. I’m sure there are many people with similar stories who thought the cops would give them an escort to the hospital, but instead got a delay and a ticket. Cities with speed traps just want their money and won’t listen to any excuse.

  48. James Moore says:

    He’s a wanted murderer you liberal progressive morons (that includes you CBS)

  49. James Nelson says:

    To me this reads that they were questioned because they are of Latin descent, and not because of reasonable suspicion. The ICE agents are in violation of the US constitution in fact there is precedence of this “In U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, an 1898 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the term “person” under the Fifth Amendment applied to aliens living in the U.S. In Fong Yue Ting v. U.S.,the court held that Chinese laborers, “like all other aliens residing in the United States,” are entitled to protection of the laws.”

  50. It’s not right to separate a couple going to a scheduled C-Section just because the husband murdered someone in Mexico. What about the poor child? She will be traumatized all her life. They should only arrest illegal immigrants that do bad things. “I asked them why they separate good people, why they weren’t arresting people who do bad things, and I asked them to let us go,” María del Carmen Venegas said in Spanish.

  51. Perry Dice says:

    should be stated as “ICE deports illegal with license to drive exxon dependent car helps the climate change industry.

  52. Stephanie Giuliano says:

    Thank you ICE for cleaning up and protecting our nation from murderers and rapists and thugs as these. Mexico keep your trash!

  53. Kyle Lyles says:

    “Story updated” to reflect reality rather than the Liberal fake news about those awful, mean ICE agents? Keep them all together in Mexico. Ship her out before she spots out that anchorbaby!

  54. Steven Rogers Sr. says:

    Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

  55. Pam Scott says:

    Here is the Nazi policy at work. First, make our neighbors criminals. Then make it illegal to try to enter as a refugee. Then take rights away from legal residents. Then try to take citizenship away from people who were legally born here. Oh, and shoot a bunch of young black boys and men down in the street while you are at it.

    You can agree with strong borders and law enforcement without being racist bigots.

    Listen to yourselves. “Anchor babies.” “Learn English.” “Mexican Trash.” Really? And this guy speaks such good English?

    Eric L. Holley
    if they are illegal send them back , if there legal had are inicent then thats unfair situation , wander what they do to aford 5 kids

  56. Linda Miller says:

    Not from this person. Five kids? Support yourselves and quit with the hands out.

  57. Maria Crocker says:

    These illegal aliens are driving to the hospital to have their 5th child and they stop at an AMPM prior….GIVE ME A BREAK! American taxpayers have paid and continue to pay for each of their children….medical care, education, food stamps, and these people have the nerve to make statements that being arrested is unfair! These people are in the United States illegally, and this illegal alien is wanted for a homicide in Mexico and the news media wants us to feel sorry for them?! Excuse me but I don’t have time for this BS….I have to run to the grocery store and get ready for my 40 plus hour week of work so I can continue to pay for losers like this.

  58. Valerie Merrill Lindgren says:

    An effin go fund me page…you gotta be kidding me. My nephew has cancer, 5 weeks of Chemo every day, 5 weeks of Radiation every day, had to have all his teeth pulled. He, deserves a Go Fund Me Me page NOT these POS’s…😡😡😡😡😡

  59. Boy, thank goodness he wasn’t wanted for murder of a CBS staffer, just some lowly peon!