Ryan Mayer

WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, part of the tag team group “The New Day” headed to the airport for a flight on Thursday. Everything seemed normal as the airline boarded the plane for what was supposed to be a 2:55 pm flight. But, once all the passengers were on the plane, things started to unravel.

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Woods decided to have some fun with the situation and proceeded to provide a “Captain’s Log” with exaggerated passages of time while explaining what updates were being provided on the status of the flight.

As you’d expect, the longer the wait dragged out, the more restless the people on the plane became. Woods documented his fellow’s passengers descent into madness as he continued the log.

Now that the pilot was finally on the plane, you’d think things would get better right? Well, no, you’d be wrong as the pilot proceeded to be just a bit too honest with his message to passengers about the weather.

Based on the time stamps on the tweets combined with Woods’ initial assertion that the plane was supposed to leave a 2:55 p.m., the entire ordeal lasted just under eight hours. Woods didn’t provide any information in terms of what flight he was on or where he was headed, so its unknown what airline provided this experience. However, the night of horrors didn’t end for Woods when he touched down at his destination. Several minutes later, Woods posted a video of what the line to grab a car looked like outside of the airport.

This can only be summed up as “one of those days”.