VAN NUYS (CBSLA) — Los Angeles city animal shelters are at capacity, with hundreds of animals facing euthanization if they’re not adopted soon.

“All six of our L.A. Animal Services shelters are at capacity for dogs and cats,” says L.A. Animal Services spokeswoman Ashley Rodriguez. “Any of the animals that we do take in puts the animals that we’ve already had at the shelters at risk for euthanasia – something we don’t want to do.”

About 163 dogs and six dozen cats are at risk of being euthanized due to lack of space, an issue compounded by recent animal hoarding cases.

“One hoarding case that happened on Monday we received 48 animals,” Rodriguez says. “The next day we received 25 animals. And a few days later, we received 27 other animals.”

And about a month ago, animal control officers took 48 cats and seven dogs from a home in Sherman Oaks, joining pets that have been at the shelter for over a year.

“We have the hardest time adopting our larger, older dogs,” Rodriguez says.

That’s exactly why Briana Bandy and her daughter Selbe came to the East Valley shelter today, looking for a dog “that’s already 9 or 10 years old,” Bandy said.

The two were introduced to a senior dog named Al. “I think he’s really nice,” Selbe said.

They just met, but the bond was instant. “He just cuddled up with me,” said Selbe.

Now Al is headed to his forever home.

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  1. Earthman says:

    Remember this next time the PR machine is claiming LA is no-kill. It can be done, but if there are not multiple off-site adoption events this weekend, the response to this crisis is not being met.

  2. Julie Laird says:

    CBS, where is the list of shelters in this article with their corresponding websites, contact information, and hours of operation? The lack of it makes this article seem more like a click bate / fluff piece than a real attempt to inform the public and help the situation.

  3. Landon Crews says:

    Julie, there is a website called Google. Try using it. Google, “LA Animal Shetlers” I’m positive you will find some useful information. This isn’t click bate. I’ve visited half of these shelters and there were no open kennels.

  4. wisepati says:

    When you kill a healthy animal that is not euthanization, that is just killing. Humans are so irresponsible. Don’t get a pet or breed if you cannot care for them for life.
    Many of these shelters in LA kill dogs daily.

  5. Wow, so after 10 years of Mandatory Spay/Neuter, banning breeders and closing Pet Stores, you still have a problem???? Hmmmmm, maybe hoarding should be banned next, oh wait…..

  6. Renee Olson says:

    I agree with wisepati….I actually would call it murder. We are murdering millions across the country every year and our country should be deeply ashamed. There are parts of other countries that do not do this to their dogs/cats.

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