BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBSLA) — Residents of a rapidly gentrifying enclave of Los Angeles tried to shut down the grand opening of a new coffee shop, saying the owner’s support of President Donald Trump’s stance on immigrants is reason alone to want him out of the neighborhood.

On Thursday, protesters held signs and screamed at patrons in front of Asher Caffe & Lounge located at 945 S. Boyle Ave. in Boyle Heights, a traditionally Jewish neighborhood that is now predominately Latino. They say they oppose the cafe and the owner over his support of Trump’s immigration policies.

“So what’s the connection? This is what I don’t understand. I’m confused — the connection between Donald Trump and good coffee,” Israeli-born businessman Asher Shalom told CBS2 News.

The kosher cafe was set to have a grand opening on July 12, the day anti-gentrification activists were met by Los Angeles Police officers blocking the entrance.

According to Eater LA, about 30 protesters associated with the group Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) showed up to speak up against Shalom, who they called “an anti-immigrant trump loving gentryfier” in a Facebook post.

“They really intensely protested and accosted all the visitors that came to our grand opening event,” said son David.

“It was very scary,” said Shalom’s daughter Yael. “There was a lot of people protesting outside wearing masks […] and they threw a significant amount of feces at our windows.”

DBH was accused of using similarly aggressive tactics against another coffeeshop in the area last year and against an art gallery nearby that eventually shuttered.

DBH showed a screenshot of a retweet of one of Trump’s messages about his proposed Muslim ban by Asher Fabrics Concept, one of Shalom’s other companies.

Shalom told CBS2 he came to the United States 30 years ago and is now a U.S. citizen. Shalom showed CBS2 two proclamations honoring him from L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar and County Supervisor Hilda Solis, both who represent Boyle Heights.

Shalom said his businesses employ dozens of people, including immigrants.

The Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce, which had invited Shalom to join and was slated to attend the grand opening, terminated his membership days before the confrontation. In a letter from chamber president Jennifer Lahoda, she mentions a photo shared by Shalom on his Facebook page reading, “I wish Democrats would fight as hard for Americans, as they do for illegals.”

Lahoda said the views expressed “are not in line with the values and objectives of the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce.”

“Boyle Heights thrives because of our diverse immigrant population — The Chamber will always celebrate and support this fact. We will not support anyone who chooses to conduct themselves in a hateful manner, especially toward members of our community.”

Shalom denies he is anti-immigrant or hateful, telling CBS2, “My name is ‘Shalom,’ and I love peace.”

Despite the controversy, Asher Caffe was busy Wednesday with people who support Shalom and his right to his political opinions.

“I don’t think politics should get in the way of good food,” said one woman.

“I support him, in that I will come and give him my business,” another patron said.

Neither DBH nor the chamber of commerce wished to give their remarks on camera.

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  1. I fully support violence against liberals. Americans shouldn’t be punching bags for Leftists.

  2. This should be a hate crime. These monsters need to go live in a real socialist country for a while, then they would come back loving this country more than they can imagine. This hate is not what the United States of America is.

    1. Randy Brown says:

      We ain’t played Cowboys and leftists yet…..

  3. The increasingly violent Left refuses to accept our elections. Liberals and Leftists need to be arrested, arraigned, jailed and tried for crimes against the United States. They will NEVER win an election with this kind of attitude.

  4. This is all the left has to offer, flying feces. They are all full of feces!

  5. Jeff Tucker says:

    You can’t beat the sheer cowardice exhibited by the Chamber of Commerce….intimating that this immigrant business owner is actually anti-immigrant. No one is against immigrants. ILLEGAL immigrants being a different story…..why is ILLEGAL such a difficult word to use in this context? I certainly hope Lahoda loses her job….the Chamber needs someone in charge who actually supports local business.

  6. mitch27 says:

    Emergency protest. Please show up with your poop in your hand.

  7. I’ll just leave this here. The similarities speak for themselves.

  8. What is it about the combination of California, Liberals and human feces in the street?

    It’s easy to see why rational people want to divide up the state.

  9. Once again, the left shows us where the REAL hatred is.

  10. People who throw feces at someone business while calling them namesneed to literally be beat to pulps.

    Time for Americans to stand up to this kind of bullying.

  11. pick6ftw says:

    born and raised in BH, please don’t be pushed around these cretins most not even residents of Boyle Heights or if they are they just moved to the area, they get bused in from the Marxist UCLA/Cal State LA indoctrination with all the pro L A RAZA BS. The whole absurdity is that BH was originally Jewish, would this be considered a Re-gentrification? I used to work the polling station on Echandia St and these freaks would try to intimidate me because I wouldn’t allow people without identification or proof of citizenship to vote. Didn’t work.

  12. What, the ghetto doesn’t want nice things in the hood?! I’ve lived and live in a mexican (I’m Mexican) hood and boy oh boy I wish a shop like this opened up here in San Jose, CA

  13. Brad R says:

    Ah, if only they could throw feces at actual Trump supporters.

    1. Because throwing feces is such a mature way to show your difference in opinion. Hispanics are enjoying record low unemployment under Trump despite all of the illegals competing for those jobs.

  14. The Brown Shirts going after the Jews. History repeats itself.
    Immigrants are Invited, Invaders are repelled.
    Love Open Borders?
    Take the Exterior Doors off your House and tear down the Fences surrounding your Property. Then go to your favorite Hollywood Celebrity’s House, walk in and make yourself at Home.

  15. CommieFa punks, know them by the stench of sht on them &/or their acts of anarchy.

  16. The Left always is the group that vomits out violent, antisocial, Fascist trash like the vermin attacking this coffee shop.

  17. Cal Ven says:

    Is it any wonder why inner city, illegal alien, high crime areas are not getting more businesses to move into their areas? Today’s Democrats are Marxists — it’s that simply stated!

  18. Bob Conway says:

    It is well past time to begin returning the favor.

  19. When will the neighborhood protectors show up to paint star of David on his store?

  20. Simple cowards. Feces? When did these protesters leave potty training behind.

    I’m not sure where I would procure feces in order to throw.

    One wonders who the sick and disturbed really are.

    If these people in Boyle Heights don’t like the businesses that come and go, there are plenty of other places besides SoCal to live.

    Better jobs and cheaper, too.n

    Are they so sure of the politics of all the restaurant owners in the Heights, that only this one gets harassed?

  21. bvikay says:

    Wearing masks? They also were probably wearing brown shirts as well. All fascists are cowards and socialists.

  22. Leftist kooks are so classy. What else would you expect?

  23. The far left MSM is pushing us toward CIVIL WAR!

  24. I blame Barack Husein Obama, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, #fakenews and the millions of minions following these idiots dividing the USA. They are the same louses that revel in the kneeling during our Nations anthem, burning the flag, and creating the rest of the havoc in society. The lot of them need to rethink what kind of world they are creating.

  25. These protestors from SF? They can get their ammo right off their streets.

    Google the mayor’s decision.

  26. Judy Efrati says:

    So according to these “protestors” freedom of speech only exists if it agrees with their viewpoint and theology. In addition, screaming anti-Jewish racist comments and throwing feces speaks to the true nature of their goal. Anyone that defends the despicable acts generated by the mob, isn’t for immigrant rights, they’re just Jew haters

  27. Acting just like fascists . The hate filled Liberal is just the modern fascist

  28. Mike Gilmer says:

    If you study history any at all, you will recall that Hitler’s boys did much the same thing to Jewish businesses and businesses that did not support the Nazi Party in Germany in the early 1930s. That did not end well.

  29. Just like the old Nazis except they hurled bricks and bombs. LIberals are the vilest of people

  30. epaddon says:

    The American Left proves once again why they are the heirs to Hitler’s National SOCIALIST Party.

  31. Steve Frank says:


  32. Kicked out of the chamber of commerce for saying “I wish Democrats would fight as hard for Americans, as they do for illegals.” Hateful? He didn’t say immigrants … he is one. He said illegals. So when you say “Boyle Heights thrives because of our diverse immigrant population”, you really mean our ILLEGAL immigrant population. Otherwise you would understand the distinction in his facebook post. Do you not see how utterly off the charts you liberals are? Insanity. Trying to oust a member of your community and throwing feces at his store for supporting and agreeing with the president … does that meet your qualifications for hate? Or do the bars for hate differ for those you disagree with? I suspect the latter because you are violent, bigoted, and evil … everything you claim about the other side.

  33. A violent and irrational leftist, what a surprise lol.

  34. charisee310 says:

    Okay, so these people are LITERALLY trying to shut down a Jewish-owned business, but pointing fingers and calling everyone around them fascists? Do they not see the dangerous irony in this? Do they know who also encouraged harrassing Jewish-owned businesses–literally Hitler. The left has gone completely and utterly insane. For anyone who once held classical liberal views, the Democrat party does not represent you. Time to #walkaway.

  35. Trash from the left again. Totally no class. Always demanding tolerance and love from the evil hypocrites. It’s time for jail time,

  36. Dam Doc says:

    When did things change that people could wear masks in public and do sociopathic things…. when I was a kid, the masked man would have been demasked by the cops. Slouching toward Gomorrah….

  37. bvikay says:

    No doubt they just picked up the feces off the street where the homeless hang out.

  38. Steve Frank says:

    Purge all leftists before it’s too late….

  39. Alan Whitney says:

    A water-cooled Vickers is in order.

  40. Isn’t an Israeli an immigrant also? Or do they hate him and his shop because he is JEWISH?

  41. Vote. November will be here soon enough.

  42. typical intolerant liberals … expect nothing less than vile hatred

  43. paperpushermj says:

    I’m sure it occurred to him …being Jewish didn’t help

  44. Jeff Lohr says:

    The National Socialists have always hated the Jewish people. We defeated them once and we’ll do it again.

  45. All we are saying is, “Give peace a chance!”

  46. To all feces throwers in and out of the zoo I say, “Scat!”

  47. This is perfect! TDS has immigration advocates, ATTACKING LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, over support for applying the law to illegals. This is priceless!!

  48. David Olson says:

    Hey, A-holes. the only rights you have is to NOT spend your money there. You don’t get to decide who gets to do what where. It’s a free country.

  49. Andre Paquin says:

    Hello from Canada.

    Libs/progs the world over, have become irrevocably unhinged and un-tethered to reality. Watching them suffer from the effect of full TDS meltdowns is very similar to watching a raccoon or other vermin in the terminal phase of rabies.

    I, and every other normal person on the planet are pleased that Trump is the President of the United States and the leader of the Free World, because he is making them, great, safe, and sane again.

    Obama’s legacy?

    His domestic and foreign policy record will remain forever unblemished by success.

    His criminal mismanagement of America and the Free World gave us President Trump. MAGA!!!!!

  50. New progressive chant: Why should we Debate?; All we do is Defecate !

  51. LOL When their arguments fail and the regressive left turns to their feces for credibility, then you know that they have lost their minds and that the time has come to prepare for serious self defense against the fascist mob.

  52. MH Thomas says:

    Until we have a real Attorney General, these crimes will go unpunished. Mindless “resistance” will very soon cross the line into violence against their fellow Americans and – without law enforcement – that has only one ending.

  53. mrfubo says:

    This will stop when we start hurling bullets in the opposite direction.

  54. Protester = Terrorists. Put a bulls Eye on them and spray these animals with rubber bullets. See the sweet taste of “Protesting” get sour really fast.

  55. sgtted says:

    “Gentrifyer”. That’s an anti-white slur. Those protestors are anti-white racists. This is America; neighborhoods don’t “belong” to any racial group.

  56. Amazing intolerance from the far left. It is getting scary how they will try to ruin the livelihood of someone who doesn’t share their views.

  57. DEMOCRATS ARE NOW CANNIBRATS!!! THEY ARE NOW THE PARTY OF CANNIBALS!! They have become so violent and deranged that they have now started turing on and eating their own. The Left, whether it be on the streets, in a restaurant, on television, a talk-show host, have become BULLIES!! They don’t care if you are in their party or not, if they disagree with you, they form an instant mob and go against you – and devour you. YOU WILL BE NEXT!! One wrong move, one wrong word and you are dead. #Cannibrats #WalkAway