LOS ANGELES (CBSLA/AP) – A “serial immigration violator” accused of attacking his wife with a chainsaw in front of their children at their Los Angeles-area home was charged Monday with seven felonies.

Alejandro Alvarez-Villegas appeared in a Bellflower courtroom, but did not enter a plea to the seven felony counts against him, which include attempted murder and aggravated mayhem.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lori Haley says 32-year-old Alvarez-Villegas is a “serial immigration violator” who has been deported eleven times since 2005.

Alvarez-Villegas was arrested on Thursday in a stolen vehicle in Chula Vista, a few miles from the Mexican border.

According to prosecutors, Alvarez-Villegas crashed the family car and stole an SUV – during a getaway – after the alleged attack.

Police said Alvarez-Villegas is suspected of attacking his wife at their Whittier home, leaving her and her children – between the ages of 5 and 10 – reportedly covered in blood.

The injured woman underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition, Scoggins said last week. A condition update was not immediately available.

Alejandro Alvarez-Villegas (credit: CBS)

The chainsaw allegedly used in the attack was recovered by police.

It was not immediately clear if Alvarez-Villegas had an attorney to comment on the allegations.

Haley says federal immigration officials have lodged a detainer against Alvarez-Villegas, asking local officials to notify them before he is released. It was unclear when the detainer was filed.

Court documents show he was convicted of driving under the influence twice in 2014. On October 6, 2015, he was convicted of his third DUI – all three misdemeanors.

The day before his third conviction, he was popped with a fourth DUI charge, considered a felony because of the three previous convictions.

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  1. Dave Johnson says:

    I think i see a potential new DNC chair here.

    1. Another “rising star” no doubt. Was it the “chain saw attachment” to an assault rifle that he attacked his wife with? I haven’t read whether or not California has outlawed those yet.

  2. Ed (@Koedo) says:

    This story can be be correct. There’s several factual errors. Illegal immigrants, especially of the serial variety, are peace loving individuals just like you and me. In fact, the media says that illegals are, in many ways, better members of American society than many Americans themselves. There has to me a mistake here. I’ve been told illegals pay their taxes and
    stimulate the economy by spending their hard earned wages in the local communities in which they reside. There has to be a mistake here. The suspect is most likely a legal resident of the United States and just goes to prove that it’s legal Americans who commit a preponderance of the violent crime in America, not the hard working and virtuous illegals.

    1. And you forgot to add that he is a “white Hispanic,” therefore someone who is toxically masculine and exhibiting privilege, and probably a Christian to boot.

  3. And the ilk like Nasty Pelosi and the rest of the dems want to let more of these illegal slime into the country. Perhaps he should be sent to her house so she can find that “spark of divinity” in him.

  4. Fast trial and rusty chainsaw. 11 DEPORTATIONS?
    Thank you OBAMA.

  5. Funny I find this guy more dangerous then those scary Russian the MSM keeps telling us about.

  6. Brian Vineys says:

    I think that the DNC just found their new ‘poster-boy’ for the face of Amnesty!

  7. Saw this on Drudge. Left for http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

  8. That ignorant POS Tom Perez can have this guy replace Pelosi or Feinstein, he has the proper DNC values.

  9. tonyome says:

    Thank you Jerry Brown for California’s sanctuary state status

  10. Warrior of GOD says:

    Execute him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bill Asbell says:

    When is he going to run as a Demonrat for Congress?

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