BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — No riding a scooter helmetless on Rodeo Drive or anywhere else in Beverly Hills. The city is cracking down.

As CBSLA’s Crystal Cruz reports, if you’re caught in Beverly Hills riding a Bird electric scooter without a helmet you could get a ticket.

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“People should wear a helmet because I just heard a guy in Starbucks say he’s seen a lot of people in the hospital not wearing helmets,” said Bird rider Mohammed Mezia.

Beverly Hills PD posted photos on social media of some of the people ticketed or cited over the weekend for not having a driver’s license or a helmet.

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One family from out of the country put the scooter down because they didn’t have a driver’s license. Others chose to keep on riding even though they didn’t have a helmet.

“If I had access to a helmet I would be wearing it. I know Bird sends people with a helmet if you ask for them so I think I’m gonna do that,” said a Bird rider.

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Beverly Hills PD doesn’t know exactly how much the ticket will cost but on social media people complain the ticket could be from $200 to $400 around different cities.