MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) — Thieves targeted animal groomer Carrla Taylor two weeks ago — breaking into her shop at 7 p.m. when she was the only one around, then beating her so badly they broke her eye socket.

Donna Nichols says Taylor, who is in her 60s, didn’t just take care of animals at her Moreno Valley shop All About Grooming. She also took care of people.

“Carrla helped me out when I lost my business, and I needed someplace to do the dogs because I had a mobile grooming,” said Nichols.

Taylor has pictures on her wall from her days as a show groomer. Nichols says working with animals was her passion. She wasn’t trying to make money. She hadn’t raised her prices in 15 years.

“It’s like ‘how could you charge so cheap Carrla? Things are expensive now.’ She said ‘because people need it. And if I can help it, I’ll do it,’ ” said Nichols.

“She worked hard for this. This is her livelihood. And for people to take advantage of someone like that for no reason at all as bad as they did her. Why?,” said Nichols.

Riverside County sheriff deputies arrested 21-year-old Mark Anthony Cortez and two juveniles. They are facing attempted murder and felony robbery charges.

Nichols says she doesn’t think Taylor remembered anything about the attack, but she says she can’t stop thinking about how senseless it was.

“Come in and get the money and leave,” said Taylor. “It don’t have to go this far. She would have gave it to you. Why did they have to do her like this?”

Friends have started a GoFundMe page for Taylor, who remains hospitalized. They’re trying to help with her medical expenses and make sure her shop is still there for her when she fully recovers.

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