HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — A violent fight at a homeless camp in Hollywood was caught on camera. Residents say it happens all the time and they are fed up and fighting back.

As CBSLA’s Tom Wait reports, the video of the fight was recorded by a frustrated neighbor late at night. We’re told the two people going at it live or hang out in an encampment just outside of Poinsettia Park, near Hollywood.

The video is one of several sent to us by residents in the area. Last month there was another fight at the same encampment. Exasperated neighbors have called the city and LA City Councilman Paul Koretz’s office who represents the area but so far no action to remove the tents has happened.

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Neighbors say they do not want to come off as insensitive to the problems of the homeless but they also say the encampment is not just a nuisance — it’s a safety issue.

“I’ve seen people in the streets yelling at cars. Kids playing. Running across the street. No one really wants to walk down the street,” said neighbor Brian Bickerstaff.

“It’s like that everywhere. Like anywhere it’s a big number of homeless people,” said neighbor Chris Fisher.

Since our first story aired in May on the encampment it appears to have gotten smaller. And earlier this month Councilman Koretz’s office issued a statement saying his office has taken a zero tolerance approach to crime at the location and is working with city departments and nonprofits to help the homeless here find another place to live.

So while there’s been some progress here it has not been enough for neighbors, who say the crime, trash and noise are nonstop.

“So if the community is supposed to feel supportive, it’s hard to be supportive if you don’t feel safe,” said Bickerstaff.

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  1. jnsesq says:

    “It’s like that everywhere. Like anywhere it’s a big number of homeless people,” said neighbor Chris Fisher.

    No, only where liberals are in power.

    1. It’s surprising there isn’t a lot more of this.

      1. There is a needle exchange close by, so no doubt, many are too high to fight.

  2. Chuck Curry says:

    Ya get what ya vote for. 😀

  3. deguello13 says:

    “Build it and they will come.” California built the highest paying welfare system in the country and wonders why it receives 1/3 of the homeless in return. Math is a harsh mistress.

  4. Saw this on Drudge. Left for http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

  5. The libs labeled them all “homeless”, to invoke sympathy… bring the words vagrant, bum, etc back into the convo…very few are actual good folks down on their luck.

  6. Amazing what we’ve been trained to accept in the name of political correctness. Look at all of those tents! In what world is this acceptable? How does this help ANYONE – let alone those living in tents on the street? Good grief.

  7. Never forget the A-Hole you voted in for Governor more than once, Californians!

  8. The homeless shouldn’t be allowed in the city. Move them out to live by the city dump/landfill.

  9. LA has been dumping busloads of homeless in nearby towns. I witnessed a busload being dumped in Riverside. Now Riverside has a homelessness problem and has even formed a task force. I wonder if part of the task force is aimed at getting voters enrolled. It’s disgusting what California has become.

  10. sad..but Cali has become a magnet for mentally ill, drug using homeless. As someone pointed out, they are NOT the folks next door-many have lengthy jail records and multiple addictions. Florida was caught giving bus tickets to their homeless-to California. We need to enforce vagrancy laws and open the mental hospitals.

  11. “Neighbors say they do not want to come off as insensitive to the problems of the homeless”
    Wow, Cali really is populated by lunatics. The morons who worry about being “insensitive” to the homeless (as if they are victims) are just as idiotic as the homeless themselves.
    Here’s a novel idea: make people responsible for their actions and their situation, instead of treating everyone like victims. A victim is a slave. I would prefer to be (and for them to be) free.

  12. David Olson says:

    Mandatory birth control for anyone on any sort of government assistance. This will reduce crime use, prison populations, child abuse, the list is long. Do your research before you condem this statement.

  13. Violent fight?? It looks like 2 women slap boxing…

  14. “Councilman Koretz’s office issued a statement saying his office has taken a zero tolerance approach to crime at the location”. SO its ok for a democrat to take a zero tolerance approach to homeless crime in his district but not for a Republican President to take the same stance for illegal aliens at the border. The media and democrats in the US are SHYT!

  15. Californians vote for the kind of left-wing, communist/socialist policies and politicians that made Latin America what it is today. Is there any wonder that they are also starting to have favelas/ barrios/shantytowns?

    Look to Venezuela and Brazil for your future, Californians.

    1. dt60093 says:

      Brazil and Venezuela are in no way similar. The IMF ranks Venezuela number 64 in the world based on GDP. Brazil is number 9 (just after Italy, but above Canada).

  16. I was raised in Pico Rivera, Lived in Whittier, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Norco, Riverside, South Pasadena and Garden Grove. I moved to the Oregon coast in 1985 when I was 34. At that time it was clear that southern California had lost its charm. So sad because it WAS the best place in America to grow up. Other boomers will agree.
    Consider this: As rising individual levels of debt together with rising city, county, state, (and Federal), and business debts (loses) continue to rise; and as interest rates continue to rise, your interest costs on those debts will REQUIRE more money from you.
    The pace of your decline shall be influenced by your increasing indebtedness. Even if YOU can handle the increased costs, the increasing number of homeless argues that increasing numbers cannot. The growing economic burdens of homelessness, illegal aliens, and rising government costs to help those less fortunate, will help transform southern California (and other metro areas in the state) into something looking more like Venezuela. Consider moving out of California BEFORE asset values (stocks and housing) collapse. Or risk remaining there.

  17. Enjoy, California.

    You voted for it. You deserve it. ALL of it.

  18. And yet yo lIberals out there are going to vote for someone like Gavin Newsom for our Governor? When ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?

  19. Bill Eggers says:

    Provide bus transportation to all the ‘homeless’ and drive them to the homes of the California politicians and bleeding heart liberals. Leave the homeless at the front doors of the politicians and bleeding heart libs. Let them take care of them since they are soooo sympathetic to the needs of the homeless. Heck, being a caring and kind-hearted citizen, you may choose to accompany them and help the homeless set up their tents, cardboard houses, etc. in the yards of the politicians/bleeding heart libs.

  20. Stu Pedasso says:

    I suppose they could all move to Texas, Nevada and other better run states like all the other Californians.

  21. Steven Bowen says:

    Just like in SF, where tourists think they are in a 3rd world country. Thanks Gavin Gruesome! Now this Jerry Brown clone turd wants to become the governor… and LA continues to languish under the weight of an outrageous cost of living driving people into the streets, just like up north. And thanks to the lefties and Jerry Brown for turning my birth state into a toilet. I cannot wait to gtfo and take my part of the tax base with me.

  22. lmao look at the tent city liberals have created. Enjoy!

  23. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Progressive liberal socialist democrat party ideas are a dream come true aren’t they….Just a slice of the overall stupidity and self created hell that is democrat California…and they deserve it!

  24. bvikay says:

    Progressive liberals destroy everything they touch. So sad.

  25. Amazing that the vagrants in the Obamavilles would be violent.

  26. The guy complaining is the same guy that enabled this problem in the first place. Suck it up liberals and deal with what you have created.

  27. Who doesn’t like to see a good bum fight?

  28. If you tolerate something long enough, it becomes normalized. Escort them to the county line.

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