FONTANA (CBSLA) — Security cameras captured a man with what appears to be a pump sprayer shooting an acid-like substance on dozens of trucks about 3 a.m. Tuesday at a dealership in Fontana.

“The damage is quite severe,” said Julio Ortiz, general manager at Pacific Auto Center. “We were severely shocked.”

Seconds later, security cameras captured another suspect, possibly a woman, spraying cars. Ortiz says 91 trucks and cars are so severely damaged that some will have to be sold at auction.

“It just seems somebody really went out of their way to hurt our business, hurt our customers as well,” Ortiz said. “It’s very shameful that people out there have these type of intentions. I don’t think there’s any excuse or reason for anyone to do something like this.”

Ortiz says the substance peeled paint off and burned through plastic headlights. The most serious damage was to a $90,000 Lincoln Navigator. It will cost more than $10,000 to fix the damage.

The dealership has seen vandalism in the past but nothing like this. It is hoping police catch the vandals.

“This can’t continue to happen,” Ortiz said. “It can happen to us, it can also happen to someone else. We don’t want these type of people thinking this is OK, let alone thinking they could get away with it.”