HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA)  — What happens when a pig goes on the lamb? Uh, lam.

Residents of Hollywood found out Saturday when a 200-pound pot-bellied pig decided to go on an unplanned sojourn.

Paul the Pig went missing for about two hours but social media got him home.

KCAL9’s Chris Holmstrom said it was social media and some caring neighbors that allowed the story to have a happy ending.

SnapChat video captured Paul eating — his owner no where to be found.

“I work just down the street and I was walking across and I’m like uh its a pig! And they’re looking at me like,  I know about pigs.” says Jen Molenrich.

She told Holstrom as luck would have it, she’s a former pig owner herself.

“We were giving her apples, some dog treats that were really natural with sweet potatoes,” Molenrich said.

Neighbors corralled Paul in an entryway.

“I was trying to use the Hollywood hashtag to see if anyone in Hollywood could kind of see and be like oh my God that’s my pig,” Molenrich says.

The LAPD followed suit.

They tweeted pictures of Paul saying “Looking for your 200-pound black pot-bellied pig?”

“She was really, really sweet mannered, she was really just, ah she was a doll, it was a great way to start my work day,” said Molenrich who knows about pigs but didn’t see Paul was a he.

Hours later, the LAPD reported that Paul was reunited with his owner Alyssa Miller.  She’s a model and Paul was found only a few blocks away from where Miller lives.

Holmstrom spoke to Miller’s sister, Faith Eitner, and asked what happened.

“My sister said that she just might have accidentally left the gate open when she was pulling out and he snuck out as soon as she opened the gate,” Eitner said.

She said Paul is now home and …happy as a hog.


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