HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — Everyone is welcome at your neighborhood Starbucks. This includes just hanging out or using the bathroom.

The policy change comes five weeks after two black men who did not purchase anything were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

CBSLA’s Chris Holmstrom headed to Hollywood Boulevard to get local reactions to the policy change.

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“I’ve definitely done it. So I don’t see a problem with it,” said Nicole McDonald.

“I think it should have always been that way, especially because of the way racism is you know,” said Desiree Mollere.

But some customers have other concerns.

“If you go into a business and you just sit there and you don’t buy anything you are taking up space at the table,” said Melrose Larry Green.

“You could end up having a squatters problem where you just have people coming and staying. I mean if they are going to do that they need to limit how long people can stay in there,” said Joe Selva.

The story is getting a lot of traction on the CBSLA Facebook page.

One viewer said “it will be a homeless camp. At least we won’t have to deal with them on the street.”

That is a concern some employees have.

“We get attacked a lot. Hollywood Boulevard. So I feel like obviously if you get attacked then we have the right to say no. We have the right to say no and call the police,” said Starbucks employee Ayumi.

The changes were hinted at earlier this month. Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz said:

“We don’t want to become a public bathroom, but we’re going to make the right decision 100% of the time and give people the key, because we don’t want anyone at Starbucks to feel as if we are not giving access to use the bathroom.”

Something one family interviewed by Holmstrom can get behind, especially after a busy day on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Bathroom and sit,” said Dolores Charles. “Sometimes you don’t feel like drinking the coffee or something and they let you stay then I think that’s good.”

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  1. Richard Magnuson says:

    Liberal dopey enablers of the bums. Typical.

  2. challenger392 says:

    They’re right.. every bum in the area will now hangout there and they ain’t buying anything. All anyone has to do is say they’re a racist and they will get a free Java.

    1. Don’t forget to take your can of Lysol to starbutts with you…just in case you need to use the restroom!

  3. Well done /pol/. You’re doing God’s work and it’s wonderful.

    1. Dana Blasi says:

      I’m so excited Starbucks restrooms are now open to the homeless,street people and the wandering mentally ill .This is bound to enhance the Starbucks guest experience even more than the “let’s talk about race” promotion did …..of course regular customers will not longer be using the restrooms are the above will be camping out in there for hours .

  4. Me and my biker buddies are going to “crash” a Star Phucks, wearing our colors, and our sidearms. We’re going to use their rest rooms, and then just sit around and use the WiFi and drink water. See how long THAT goes on…..
    Film @ 11.

  5. Always fascinating how liberals are incapable of thinking things through. They stop at the “well that’s nice” and never understand the ramifications of their actions. Speaks volumes about so many liberal policies (and why they don’t work.)

    1. Gary Fox says:

      Agree! Next step is to provide coffee and food for those who can’t afford to pay. Oh. … Do they have to suffer the indignity of going into a room for a bodily function? In New York City, they don’t have to bother and can dump in the street. Starbucks deserves all the “good” things this policy will give them.

  6. jbspryjbspry says:

    The restrooms cost money to build and maintain.
    The coffee costs money to brew and serve.
    Why aren’t you giving free coffee?
    Because you’re RACIST.

  7. They asked for it, now they have to live with it. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  8. No, I don’t want to buy anything in hereI hate your overpriced foul tasting coffee––but I do want to take a dump so I’m just using your restroom. Ahhh, liberalism at its finest!

  9. Don McCoy says:

    LOL! Just expensive, BAD coffee for hipsters. I though Hipsters LOVED Social Justice. They should LOVE this plan! But, one thing about hipsters…they’re favorite acronym is NIMBY!

  10. I am so enjoying watching these liberals self destruct before our very eyes, how refreshing…

  11. I love watching these fools. Their decision shows a complete disregard for the security and safety of their employees and patrons and when the caca hits the fan they will call in the armed police. When this occurs the actions of their employees and the police will be examined through the liberal progressive filter that says “there are no bad vagrants, only bad employees and police”. It is the same philosophy the public school system has functioned under for years of the people with no responsibility have all of the authority and the people with all of the responsibility have no authority.

  12. This is awesome to watch. Like a very slow motion car crash where you get advance front row tickets along with a comfy chair. PC corporation gone amuck. Wait until the lines of bums smelling of fecal matter and dried puke start taking up your seats and shooting up heroin in the bathroom. Now wha-cha’ gonna do? You’re going to change your policy AGAIN and look like fools in the process. Good reason to break out that Mr. Coffee pot and start brewing at home! IDIOTS!

    1. I know! It just keeps getting better.

  13. Liberals out of power are delicious to watch.

  14. redknight says:

    This will not end well for Starbucks. I know my family and I have gotten our last cup of their EXPENSIVE coffee. This is a great reason not to go back. There are Good coffee shops everywhere!

  15. Here in Pacific Beach San Diego our local Starbucks has been a daytime campsite for the homeless for quite sometime now which is why I avoid it. Well at least this experiment in progressive social engineering will give Howard Shultz some cred if he wants to run for pres.

  16. Jeff Conway says:

    Typical liberal feel-good decision that will bite them in the as- big time.

  17. this is a publicly traded company. the CEO is a malfeasant business person and should be fired. Shareholders don’t need to become social service agencies and support individuals like this jerk.

  18. Drink up customers! Your cup might come in handy.

  19. The free WIFI policy will guarantee no seating space for paying customers. This was crazier than Target opening up the women’s bathrooms to pedophiles.

  20. Kelly Laraia says:

    Expect more mechanical problems with the Starbucks restrooms….out of order due to the people coming off the street to use. Yes…this will include homeless, drunks and drug addicts that need to use the facilities and might just fall asleep in the bathroom.

  21. It’s Trump’s fault. Dumb starbucks always in the news. OH am I going to pay 3$for a small black coffee and feel unsafe with homeless and mentally disturbed…. uh no.

  22. David Sullivan says:

    I never go to starbucks because I don’t like the trash that hangs out there…

  23. I think this will be a lot of fun to read about. I have no Starbucks in my area, but it will be interesting to see how many more incidents happen, what happens to their sales and stock price.

  24. Buz Chertok says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts should respond by posting a prominent sign in every one of its locations with the warning that it is company policy NOT to permit loitering or rest room usage privileges to any other than paying customers……..violators will be expelled.

    The deplorables would then have a decent place to go to safely enjoy a cuppa while the ‘good people’ could patronize Starbucks and enjoy the dreck lying about in there. Methinks the ‘deplorable’ population would be about to increase drastically.

    Just think of the fun it will be to watch Starbucks try to squirm their way out of the stupid box they have placed themselves in………………which they will NEVER be able to do. They haven’t only shot themselves in the foot–they have blown the damned thing clean off.


  25. I’m hosting my local Trump, Stop Immigration Now, and NRA meetings at my local Starbucks now. Ya can’t beat a free meeting room, but bring your own coffee because their coffee sucks.

    1. Athelstan says:

      You will be banned for hate speech and inciting gun violence. You, they will throw out and everyone else can enjoy free wifi and sleeping facilities. I have worked in many libraries and the homeless hanging out in there stinks terribly. Your coffee won’t taste the same sitting next to them. I don’t hate the homelss but you can’t let them have free range in your business. And don’t think they won’t do it. Let’s not forget about the trouble making minorities who will hang out there all day too. They don’t buy anything either.

  26. We’ll see how this one turns out when the employees eventually protest the move when reality “sits” in.

  27. Going to be fun to follow the ramifications. I can see a homeless bum locking the door and taking a half hour sink shower, using all the TP as a towel.

  28. janispattersonmysteries says:

    Who goes to Starbucks anymore anyway? I quit when their CEO said if you believed in traditional marriage he didn’t want you as a customer, and am I glad!

  29. Starbucks customers are WORSE than homeless. I have Crohn’s Disease. I might have to stop in often on the way to and from work to accidentally spray the bathroom walls.

  30. Another perfect Liberal nirvana ! Of course at someones else cost

  31. Lou Anthony says:

    Good News – In SF, the streets will be cleaner as the homeless will use Starbucks; Bad News – Starbucks customers will use the street.

  32. A homeless camp is probably than a liberal cesspool.

  33. This will only help Starbucks.

    Some of these people have a poor attitude toward the differently-homed. Don’t think I’d want their business anyway.

  34. Great example of how the naive and reckless #RefugeesWelcome mindset can (and will) destroy a country (and in this case a business).

  35. Fred Smith says:

    So when is the Board going to fire this Lefty CEO. After the stock crashes?
    But than again, there may just be enough liberal/non-thinking/lefty women that comprise their customers to keep them in business. Next time you walk by a Starbucks, take a good look at their customers sitting there with their picky raised while they sip their “classic European-style beverage made with a perfectly pulled shot of our signature espresso marked ever-so-lovingly by a dollop of steamed milk”; as they discuss how tawdry Megan looked in that wedding dress and wasn’t that such a soul searching wonderful homily the the preacher gave?
    Do I sound as though I’m male and in my 80’s? Hmm …

  36. I’m not a McDonald’s customer, but I stop in from time-to-time and use their restroom. I don’t camp out there. Besides, Starbucks should know who’s in there and what they’re doing since they have hidden cameras in those restrooms.

  37. gavinwca says:

    Liberals and their brain farts.

  38. Chris Slaman says:

    This is a perfect example how upside down this country is. Never taking care of the taxpayers but always taking care of the non-tax paying public and illegals.

  39. Starbucks is NOT a place where people can enjoy a cup of java anymore. Homeless bringing cooked Chinese food into the store or others occupying the limited available seats without consuming anything it is a daily occurrence.

  40. Good, and when they try to get rid of bums for sitting around too long…SUE EM. I am beyond sick of the corporations as a whole anyway.

  41. Dropping flyers in homeless camps and halfway houses… just to get the ball rolling . Go StynkBucks!

  42. Jim Nelson says:

    Homeless folks hanging out and using Starbucks bathrooms without being a paying customer. What could possibly go wrong?

  43. I’m goina poop all over the floor every time always forever!

  44. Man, there are a lot of comrade troll bots on here…

  45. What do you expect ? A company that scupported C
    Inton. They continue to do what is necessary for the chosen few . I had cut back going to starbucks. Now i will not go at . Let the customers sitting buy the coffee

  46. John Crane says:

    What a backbone the Starbucks CEO has. Schultz is proving what a weasel he really is.

  47. Wait til they get infested with bedbugs , see how that is for business.

  48. You sure these are “mixed” reactions, @CBS?

  49. Athelstan says:

    Good job, idiot Liberals. Your stores will become like public libraries. Lots of homeless hang out there during extreme hot and cold, they use the bathroom as a bedroom and shower. Thanks for losing my business, Starsucks.

  50. I wish I could give thumbs up on so many of these great comments. I can’t believe the libs at cbs haven’t shut this thread down. funny, truthful stuff 🙂

  51. The bathrooms will be a great place to shoot up heroin until people start “nodding out” with the door locked.

  52. Easy fix I won’t use starbucks anymore

  53. Starbucks, West Chester PA, last Fall. Accompanying friends house hunting, busy day, time to sit and review the houses. Smelly homeless guy and disheveled girlfriend at window table with two unused chairs. I said ‘excuse me, can we pull these over here…?’ Eyes averted he mumbles ‘they’re our chairs’. Went quickly downhill. My wife and friend were next up at the counter – ‘cancel anything you’ve ordered; we’d have a problem if we sat down.’ Turns out it was the manager who was waiting on the order – ‘why, sir?’. Because I feel threatened by your homeless regular (guessing here) at the prime window table. ‘Oh, sir, there nothing I can do…’ Workers behind the counter had heard this exchange and I ended saying (for staff and waiting patrons to hear) — ‘So you are willing to let four customers and a $60 lunch tab, and tips to your wait staff, walk out the door…’ No reply, no surprise.

  54. Sargent Schultz making Starbucks a homeless shelter.

    Any coffee shop that would let “ANYONE” at it’s tables and use the bathroom all-day, would not be a place I would visit. Ask at any public library in a big city about what they’ve had to deal with. Their bathrooms are LOCKED! You have to ASK to use them, and if you are unfit, unclean, they may say it’s ‘out of order’.

  55. Starbucks’ goofy socialist CEO totally brought this on. Forward, Starbucks!

  56. I’m glad to see Starbucks has decided to help end the homeless problem. I personally like the Coffee Bean so I could careless haha.

  57. Kud Zu says:

    Liberals = fools. They even mismanage and run their own companies into the ground. I say good!

  58. You Starbucks liberals are so demented that is beyond me. You let these homeless use the bathroom and squander and watch you cup of coffee go up . Schultz needs to pay more for water bill. Socialism is great until you steal more from everybody else’s pockets. I said thank you to Starbucks when that looney Shultz backed Shillary

  59. Starbucks has brought this on itself by not taking it head-on in the first place. One reaps what one sows. Bon Appetit!

  60. There’s going to be a special section reserved for MS13 gang members.

  61. “I think it should have always been that way, especially because of the way racism is you know,” said Desiree Mollere.”

    Yeah, you know … Why even enact rules at all, because, you know, the way racism is?

    This rule hasn’t caused any issue for years, because, you know, people usually don’t go into a Starbucks to just go to the restroom & if they do and are asked to leave, well, they usually just leave, you know. But because of racism, you know, I shouldn’t have to leave even if I am loitering and violating Starbucks policy, you know. That’s racist.

  62. Not sure what the big deal is. An urban coffee shop catering to an urban audience. It’s fine. No sleeping, no drug use, unless you’re Black. THAT’S the policy. No reversals necessary, we Whites of privilege and wealth applaud and support the policy.

  63. Communism… where everyone is equal and goods and services are taken from each according to his ability, and given to each according to his needs. People who work have no extra rights to a decent environment or any “special” enrichment. Starbucks will wallow in their political filth till they self destruct!

  64. rytwinger says:

    Stupid starbucks stepped into that big bear trap, it seems…..

  65. Homeless people unable to purchase any product have as much right to be in Starbucks as do homed customers with the ability to pay..

  66. Mike Miller says:


    STARBUCKS has become a petri dish to show the infestation and collapse of Socialism’s Give Away The Store mentality.
    Let It die.

  67. lol. This will last about as long as Ben and Jerry’s pathetically failed attempt at corporate socialism.

  68. My experience with liberals is that they pretend to be generous, warm, and inviting as long as they can do it from a distance. This policy is going to bring “different” right into their safe circle, and the liberals are going to quietly back out of the door and find some other pedantic status item to spend $12 a day on.

  69. Smelly, entitled, violent parasites lying about? Just another gathering of leftists. Perfect Starbucks clientele.

  70. And on the seventh day – God created Dunkin’ Donuts.

  71. I love hearing the Left fretting and wring their pasty hands over the problems they create. The inability to see the big picture and logic is missing from just about everything they do.

  72. If deplorables were really creative, we’d start paying bums to sit in Starbucks (without buying anything). That’s what I’d do, esp if I had Soros’ money – I’d just pay as many disgusting bums as possible to go sit in the local Starbucks for a few hours. When that chain of idiocy with its terrible, over priced coffee and pastries finally goes under, I know I’ll celebrate.

  73. Some folk like the privacy of a bathroom to inject or otherwise connsume drugs!

  74. it all goes back to “I need to carry a gun”

  75. I Think we should do locally what Rush Limbaugh did to homeless sanctuary city: Charter a bus and drop busloads of homeless at your local Starbucks.

  76. Everyone is a Starbucks customer at some point, so the bathroom policy makes sense, but if they don’t have a plan to separate the customers from the squatters, the squatters will take over. That’s inevitable, especially when in so many cities the homeless have few comfortable places to hang out.

  77. Dave Sawyer says:

    You know what is amazing about all of this? I’m retired here in The Philippines & we have sqatters in some areas, but I have never seen any here in Starbucks where I live in Baguio City. There is no welfare here as in America & Europe. There are armed guards also in Starbucks here in the several locations n Baguio. Another thing, the cleanliness of The Starbucks here is impeccable as well as the staff.Actually, I prefer to buy & grind my coffee beans locally. I have a Keurig coffee maker I brought here from America & I bought several eco brew coffee containers that fit my Keurig because the Keurig sealed cups of coffee are not available here in The Philippines. Just go to: eco brew.com & you will be able to buy any kind of coffee you like to put into these well designed long lasting empty eco brew that you can fill up to put into your Keurig coffee maker, Just think of all of the money you will save by not going to Starbucks where it will always stink to high heaven!!!

  78. Typical knee jerk Democrat reaction. Was the correct solution to the mistreatment of two black guys to open the stores to bums and non customers? Pretty illogical. But typical of how liberals think. It’s like throwing unconstitutional gun laws at school shootings, feels good but 100% ineffective.

  79. Clean, well-to-do white people with licensed CCWs are, of course, still banned from all Starbucks.

  80. Steve Duzan says:

    Predicting this would happen was as easy as predicting that employers would drop people below 30 hours due to Obama-care. Someone will eventually get hurt and SB will get sued for not providing a safe environment for its customers.

  81. if you are not going to buy anything in my business/store get out! No Loitering. My bathroom is for paying customers and staff only.

  82. I have to laugh that the socialist Schultz ideology has now caught up to him. He has no choice but to comply. Starbucks social justice warrior attitude has reduced my spending there from $100 to $10 per month or less. Great that they are taking all the homeless off the street though. Good luck with that.

  83. Steve Hansen says:

    This type of flawed policy is yet another example of what happens when a company panics and tries to appease everyone with a Snowflake “solution”.

  84. Bob Conway says:

    Behold, the strange death of corporate coffeeshop culture.

  85. The Starbucks in Pasadena located next to the Gold Line station is already a haven for the homeless. Forget even using the restroom – it is often smeared with feces (why do homeless do that anyway??) – and I feel so sorry for the employees who are always called out to clean up after them. Some days all the tables are clogged with homeless who stink up the place with their body odors. I just grab by coffee and goodies and run out of there.

    A business is just that and not a social service. This is a gross over-reaction to an accusation of racism that was never actually proven as such.