ENCINO (CBSLA) — Authorities say one man has been killed and a second was in serious condition Sunday after gunfire rang out in Encino.

Firefighters and police officers responded to reports of shots fired just after 4 a.m. in the 17800 block of Miranda Street.

When they arrived on scene, they located a 69-year-old man with three gunshot wounds to the leg and torso, neighbors said. He was taken to Northridge Hospital where he was said to be in critical condition.

Twenty-eight-year-old Guillermo Hernandez was pronounced dead at the scene.

“He was a nice man, handsome man — nice boy,” said Teresa Hernandez, whose Mother’s Day was shattered when she received news of her son’s death Sunday. “I’m destroyed. I don’t know what can I do,” said father Guillermo.

I’m definitely going to miss him,” his girlfriend Claudia Acosta told CBS2 News. “I love him so much.” Acosta said Guillermo worked for a catering company that served television and film productions. The family said Guillermo followed in his father’s footsteps and wanted to become a chef.

The tragic incident unfolded after police say a guest was asked to leave a backyard party that had gone late into the Sunday morning hours and had gotten out of control at the surviving victim’s home. He lives at the home with his wife and two adult children.

About 50 people were reportedly at the party at one point.

After a fight broke out, the shooting suspect left and eventually came back with a gun, shooting the two men.

Guillermo was waiting for an Uber when he was attacked, his parents told CBS2. He ran and died next to the curb in front of Carlos del Toro’s house.

“Pretty scary and just having my family here. Having this stuff happen here when we have kids in the house is not something, you know, very pleasant,” del Toro told CBS2 News.

Authorities said the suspects were last seen in a gold-colored Toyota Corolla traveling down White Oak.

The parents said they did not know if Guillermo, the middle child of three sons, was involved in the fight that precipitated the fight.

It is reported there were witnesses to the shooting.

The incident remains under investigation.