LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A homeless man was beaten and is now missing after he tried to defend a 7-Eleven clerk in Downtown L.A.

The victim, 59-year-old Frank Martinez, was caught on camera during the May 1 incident.

The incident happened on May 1 at a 7-Eleven store on West Seventh and Olive Streets.

The victim, 59-year-old Frank Martinez, was attacked after witnesses say he tried to come to the aid of a clerk who was being verbally attacked.

Martinez was beaten after attempting to defend the clerk, and shortly after the attack, the 59-year-old went missing.

The sister of the victim drove from Victorville to file a missing persons report. She told CBS2 that her brother has a mental disorder and is homeless.

Martinez’s sister said although her brother is homeless, he owns a cell phone and is typically in constant contact with his family. However, he has not been heard from him since the day of the attack.

Although the attack was caught on cellphone camera, authorities say there’s no video of what happened outside the store.

Police are investigating and searching for the woman they believe beat Martinez.

Police are searching for the woman believed to have beaten a homeless man at a 7-Eleven in Downtown L.A.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect or the victim’s whereabouts are asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.


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