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LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Neighbors in Long Beach are on edge after a pitbull allegedly mauled their pets Monday morning.

Sharina Clark says her dog, Ringo, was attacked on his morning walk in front of her young daughter.

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“I just ran out of the house, I thought there was something wrong with my daughter.  I heard her screaming. Seeing the dog, he was totally covered in blood. I thought he was not going to make it,” she said.

Ringo’s back home after surgery and $1,800 in vet bills. But the Clark family is shocked he survived.

“It’s a miracle this dog’s alive,” she said.

The incident started on East Florida St., where, neighbors say the pitbull and a German Shepherd escaped from their gated home.

The Clarks discovered at the vet Ringo wasn’t the only victim. Two other dogs, according to the family, had been attacked that same morning.

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Barry Stevenson said his cat was killed on his front porch.

“This pit bull had such a lock. I had my fingers in its eyeballs. We’re beating it with a stick …  It was like, in a trance.  Like, I am killing this cat,” Stevenson recalled.

Stevenson said he had a heated exchange with the dogs’ owner, who would not admit fault. Police officers responded to the scene after the exchange.

“They’re worried I’m threatening my neighbor,” Stevenson said.

Mills rang the buzzer on call boxes at the home neighbors said the dogs resided, but received no response.

Long Beach police did not respond to requests for comment.

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Mills reports Animal Control took the dogs away. It was not immediately clear what action the agency would take.