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NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — There were fireworks in the courtroom on Tuesday as the prosecution and defense delivered closing arguments in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial.

Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden yelled at Bill Cosby during her closing argument, as she scolded him for apparently laughing.

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“There’s nothing funny about it, Mr. Cosby,” said Feden, her voice raised.

Channeling the accounts of Andrea Constand and five other women, Feden assailed Cosby’s legal team, singling out Kathleen Bliss.

“The character assassination Ms. Bliss put those women through, it was utterly shameful,” Feden said in the courtroom. “She is the exact reason why women and men and victims of sexual assault don’t report these crimes.”

Defense attorneys for Cosby were laser-focused on Constand’s credibility – a familiar theme through the trial.

“This woman will say anything. She will absolutely say anything. She is a pathological liar,” said attorney Tom Mesereau.

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They described the state’s evidence as “flimsy and silly” and used calendars and phone records, submitting Cosby wasn’t in Philadelphia when the alleged 2004 assault happened.

Dolores Troiani, who represented Constand when she first made reports to law enforcement, said this retrial has been “nasty.”

“I think the big takeaway is how nasty this trial has been. At some point in time, people keep saying, ‘Oh my gosh, why do women delay?’ Well, this is the reason why women delay,” explained Troiani.

Attorneys encouraged jurors to challenge the allegations Cosby repeatedly drugged and sexually assaulted women for decades.

Mindful of the “Me Too” movement, Bliss said, “Yes, we do have to deal with sexual assault, it’s a worldwide problem, but questioning an accuser is not shaming a victim. Gut feelings are not rational decisions, mob rule is not due process.”

Camille Cosby was also in the courtroom during closing arguments. She did embrace her husband and left as the prosecution took over.

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Deliberations will begin Wednesday as the judge is allowing the jury to head back to their hotel for the night. Jury instructions will be read in the morning.