WEST ADAMS (CBSLA) — A barricade situation is happening in the West Adams District.

Police are on the scene at a Burger King at Crenshaw and West Jefferson Boulevard.

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There are no hostages with the suspect, officials said.

There are LAPD patrol cars and SWAT members in armored vehicles outside of the restaurant and traffic in the area is sealed off.

The incident started at around 6:40 p.m. Saturday evening.

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LAPD says they got a call of a robbery suspect inside the Burger King. Employees saw a carjacking suspect armed with a gun come into the restaurant.

A witness told CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen that he was inside having a cup of coffee when he noticed other people quietly trying to slide out of the restaurant. He says he saw one of the managers moving to the back door and then he quickly realized why people were so scared.

“I see the dude coming around the other side. I looked down and he had a big old gun,” said Adrian Bolding. “I was like ‘time to get out of here.’ So I started moving with the crowd but didn’t want to spook the guy. We started moving towards the door and then we started running out the door and that’s when I looked back and seen him coming out the door with the gun. So we all ran between the cars.”

Witnesses say that they are not sure if the man with the gun went back into the restaurant after he ran out but a number of people said they heard a series of flash bangs.

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