SUN VALLEY (CBSLA) — A dog named Jax had a starring role in the eventual capture of a guy trying to get away from the LAPD.

“That’s our hero right there. Guy’s getting a nice juicy steak,” said homeowner Albert Prado.

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The Prado family’s security camera video shows their head of security doing his job when a guy picks the wrong yard to jump into.

“Guy in my backyard with my dog right on him,” said Albert.

With Jax on his tail the guy got out of there in a hurry.

The guy got into a stolen car for the pursuit. At the end of the chase LAPD got a woman in custody quickly. But the guy ran off.

Alma Prado and her kids were headed home.

“The whole street was barricaded so we couldn’t go inside the house,” said Alma.

She saw police focused on her house.

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“It’s scary,” said Alma.

Nobody was home except for their dogs Jax and Dory.

The Prados have security cameras around their house.

“I called my husband and said ‘can you just check the cameras?’,” said Alma.

“My wife told me they were looking for him in my backyard,” said Albert.

He checked his home security camera remotely from his phone and saw Jax chasing the guy out of the yard.

And then he watched him rip the screen off an open window and jump inside.

Soon police were seeing it too when Albert showed them the video. He handed them his keys and they found their guy hiding, locked inside the first floor bathroom.

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“They got him,” said Albert. “Thank God they arrested him.”