LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An alarm blared while a dog barked helplessly as two men walked out of a Beverlywood home with Maria Tafar’s safe.”

“I was disgusted,” she said. “I was infuriated. I was angry.”

A security camera captured the man in hooded sweatshirts breaking in through a kitchen window that wasn’t connected to the alarm system.

It only sounded off after the front door was opened during the escape.

“It took them a couple of minutes but they figured out how to break it with the least amount of noise,” Tafar said.

It started with one man with sagging pants knocking on the front door last Friday.

When he realized that only the dog was home, he got on the phone, then he and his partners went to work.

The method is similar to a burglary last month in the Pico-Robertson area.

When we put these pictures of the man in black hoodies side by side, they appear to match up.

The victims in both cases believe the same men broke into their homes.

Tafar says her safe contained jewelry that her late father gave to her late mother.

She doesn’t think the loss of family heirlooms will mean anything to the men she believes took them.

But she’s hoping she can speak to their mothers or families instead.

“You could be a victim, too,” she said. “How would you feel if your precious memories were taken? And may never see again?  And living with the fear that you don’t feel safe.”


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