Domino’s sign visible during the arrest of Hugo Gonzalez, April 6, 2018. (SOURCE: CBS)

ONTARIO (CBSLA) — The man suspected of detonating two explosive devices at an Inland Empire warehouse store might be responsible for an assault during a home invasion earlier in the week, witnesses said.

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Newly released video shows the smoke-filled store in the chaos after two explosives went off inside the Sam’s Club in Ontario Thursday afternoon.

After police received a description of the suspect’s vehicle, they pulled over 49-year-old Hugo Gonzalez and ended up finding one more explosive device inside his car.

Though Gonzalez has not given police a reason for allegedly setting off the devices, investigators said there is no indication he is linked to any criminal organizations or terrorist groups.

However, some are saying Gonzalez might be the same person who violently handled an 89-year-old woman during a robbery while she was alone in the house.

“Some guy came dressed up as a Domino’s pizza driver, knocked on the door, and my mom opened it,” the son of the woman named Esther told CBS2 News. “He forced himself in there. […] He dragged her around and tied her up while he ransacked the house,” said son Oscar.

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Esther had a badly bruised arm but suffered no broken bones, her family said.

Although neighbors did not see the man who assaulted Esther, they did see a car driving around the neighborhood. Eventually, they noticed the driver put a Domino’s sign on top of his car.

A similar sign could be seen in the trunk of Gonzalez’s car during his arrest Thursday.

“We have great neighbors. They all had video footage they shared, and that’s how we put two and two together,” said Oscar.

Police have not said whether or not the man in Esther’s neighbors’ video is Gonzalez.

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Gonzales is being held on $1 million bail. He is expected in court Monday.