ONTARIO (CBSLA) — Police have detained a man they believe set off an explosive device inside a Sam’s Club store in Ontario Thursday afternoon, according to the Ontario Police Department.

Police continued to search for explosives in the Fontana apartment of suspect Hugo Gonzalez Thursday night following two explosions at the big box store.

Authorities initially responded to reports of a possible structure fire at 951 N. Milliken Ave. at around 2 p.m.

Following the explosion, police say they received a description of a vehicle possibly belonging to the suspect.

Police located the vehicle and attempted to pull it over. After a short pursuit, police were able to detain Gonzalez.

Authorities say while they searched Gonzalez’s car, another explosive device was found.

Investigators say no one was near the device when it went off and no one was injured.

As a precautionary measure, officers evacuated Gonzalez’s apartment complex in Fontana. Residents were being let back into their apartments Thursday night.

“That’s crazy ’cause I know him… not like a friend… Like, seeing him right now, that’s crazy,” said neighbor Manuel Barreras.

The store was completely evacuated following the explosion and the store suffered no significant damage.

Still, it was frightening for some.

“You just don’t know where you’re safe or your children are safe,” said Jared Gonzalez, who was shopping at the store. “It’s scary to leave the house, just to do a regular grocery store run.”

ATF agents were called to the scene in Ontario and were working to determine what kind of explosive device was detonated.

Police say they don’t have a motive for Gonzalez’s actions or know how he is connected to Sam’s Club.

The company said it would be sharing security video with police to try to get some answers to the bizarre crime.

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