LANCASTER (CBSLA) — Police Monday were investigating video footage of a driver in Lancaster “walking” two dogs by tying one of them to his car as he drove alongside.

The video posted to Facebook was captured March 31 near St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Avenue K near Sierra Highway, according to Facebook user Desiree Nicole.

Nicole says she began videoing the incident when she spotted the unidentified driver dragging his female German Shepard on a leash. The driver also allegedly kneed the dog, yanked her out of the vehicle and kicked her.

“Once I caught up to him and told him his dog was simply not able to keep up and he was dragging her he became very vulgar and aggressive”, wrote Nicole.

The dogs appeared to be in good health as they were walking alongside the car.

Nicole posted a photo of the driver, who has yet to be identified.

dogdriver WATCH: Man Caught On Video Driving With Dog Tied To Car

Desiree Nicole says this man was driving the car with one of the dogs tied to it. (Photo via Desiree Nicole/Facebook)

According to Nicole, police will forward her report on to animal control officials, but she says she hopes posting the video will force the driver to change his ways.

“What this man was doing was abuse/cruelty. I hope me following him and reporting him will make him think twice about the treatment of these beautiful dogs”, she wrote.

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  1. Dogs love this kind of stuff. I make my dog pull the car. Even more exercise.

    1. harris9513 says:

      If that’s the case. Then YOU need to be arrested.

  2. The frequency of such weird activities today suggests qualifying tests are needed for would-be overseers of any living thing, including children.

  3. Maybe the man had health problems and could not walk. Why didn’t YOU volunteer to help him walk them instead of being a newsy box judger?

  4. Sure, walking your dog with a car is not safe, and he
    was going too fast for that, but these SJWs are
    annoying as hell. Listening to that chick make kissy
    sounds gave me a cancer. Get a life people.

  5. Not a safe activity for either dog. Female was forced to run fast on rocky part of road. Dogs had were not trained to stay out of road. Accident waiting to happen.

  6. Lana Jane says:

    A man in our town was wrongfully shamed for doing this. Granted, I agree the car seemed to be moving too fast, but he wasn’t “dragging” the dog, he didn’t “beat” her, give me a break. He NUDGED her. Anyway, some whacko woman took out her phone and filmed the man walking his large dog with his car. He was driving where the dog was at a comfortable trot, if that. The lady filming was calling him cruel, yelling, acting out of control. Well, when she zoomed in on the man in his car, my word, he was so obese, his belly was up against the steering wheel. People like this woman in this video, I could slap her silly, and I could slap the man for abandoning the dogs. But some folks may have a medical condition, and maybe car-walking is the only way to help their hyper dog burn off energy. Don’t judge someone without knowing the facts. How about offering to help them instead?

    1. Lara Jane: Life is about being intelligent and making responsible (adult) decisions. If you cannot care for a large dog, then DO NOT HAVE A LARGE DOG!

      If you already HAVE a large dog, and there is a sudden desperate change in your situation, then you may have to GIVE THE DOG to a friend, family member, or neighbor. If you need to SELL your pet, you may need to sell him to a stranger. Intelligent, responsible, caring people do what is best for the dog. (Gaining weight is NOT a sudden change; it is intentional and on purpose.) If you are NOT intelligent, or responsible, or caring, then the authorities will take over and make those decisions for you.

      It is NEVER OK to attach a dog to a car and then drive it! NEVER! I don’t care if your inamorato weighs 500 pounds, you NEVER treat one of G-d’s creatures in this HORRIBLE AND UNCARING MANNER!!!

  7. Well you know someone with eyelashes on their cars headlights is gonna be a nutcase b#tch

  8. Big dogs like to run, this is no big deal.

  9. riosam77 says:

    She should have called the police immediately. What he was doing was against the law. PERIOD! Then he drove off leaving his dogs “at large” (unleashed) ALSO against the law! The majority of moronic commenters calling the woman nosey, etc show an extreme lack of judgement and knowledge of the law with regard to animals. I would only hope NONE of them have pets!!

  10. harris9513 says:

    The key here is if you watch carefully, you can see the one dog turning to left and her feet not able to keep up – but she has to to live or she will fall down and dragged – she can feel that car pulling her so she is forcing herself. The fact you can see the one dog’s paw’s stumble and watch her turn exhausted away from the car is the key. REGARDLESS – tying a dog to a moving car is illegal in many places and SHOULD BE HERE IF IT ISN’T ALREADY! God bless you Nicole and friend for having the guts to follow this creep!

  11. Darren Davis says:

    Lancaster ain’t the small town it was when I was a kid before we fled. It’s full of brain damaged L.A. rejects. Thank you Gov. Brown and the demonrat party.

  12. For all that think this is no big deal and that it wasn’t animal abuse perhaps we should put a collar and leash around your neck and then haul you down the road as fast as you can run for awhile. My biggest regret is that she didn’t post the license plate of the vehicle so everyone would know who this cretin is including the cops. Dogs do like to run but not in this manner.

    1. Interesting that you would take things criminally into your own hands Dave. I’m sure you’re a great person.

  13. Leave the guy with the dogs alone and arrest the woman video taping him for having giant eyelashes glued to her headlights. Taste that bad actually IS a crime.

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