COSTA MESA (CBSLA) — A possible solution to Orange County’s homeless problem is sparking an emergency meeting in Costa Mesa.

As CBSLA’s Stacey Butler reports, the mere mention of turning a state-run facility for the developmentally disabled in Costa Mesa into a temporary homeless shelter has neighbors spinning.

“It’s crazy. We have heroin overdoses all over the streets here already right now. If they move those people here it’s gonna be unlivable for people here,” said William Hart.

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“It’s upsetting because we already have a problem with the homeless here, breaking into people’s patios and stealing stuff,” said Jamie Infanger. “A lot of drug rehabs, a lot of drugs, a lot of people that are homeless around here looking for their next fix.”

As those living in Irvine, Laguna Niguel and Huntington Beach fight the county’s plan to put the homeless in their communities, Orange County Senator and member of the Board of Supervisors John Moorlach laid out a plan last week to house the homeless recently evicted from the riverbed in part of the Fairview Developmental Center that neighbors say is all but empty.

Neighbors say the problem is there is an elementary school, high school and a Boys and Girls Club too close for comfort.

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Jack Sykes said he is “absolutely” worried about the plan and that he won’t feel safe.

“We’ve already got issues in the area,” said Sykes. “Adding to it isn’t the answer.”

The emergency meeting called by the Costa Mesa City Council is taking place on Wednesday night at 5 p.m. at the Costa Mesa Senior Center. Hundreds are expected to attend.

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  1. Ronald Stein says:

    California’s homeless and poverty population trends are “SUPPOSED” to be up as there’s nothing to stop the “causes”. Continuous use of public funds to subsidize housing is a Band-Aid on the problem, but not a cure for the “causes” of homelessness and poverty. Overregulation in CA has driven the cost of energy to be among the highest in the country which drives up the costs of fruit and vegetables, housing, dining, and transportation for all 38 million citizens of CA.

    Subsidizing housing for the homeless will ADD to the problem, not solve the causes, and will begin to attract homeless from other states “WOW – Free California shelters for the homeless and great weather”.

    Almost half of California’s 2014 income taxes were paid by the top 1 percent, so taxing the millionaires may work, if we can count on them staying in CA, but history is working against that tax crusade. The exodus of businesses from California is now being followed by the out migration of our citizens. The net out-migration (more leaving the state than moving into the state) of 1.2 million Californians out of the state people between 2005 and 2014, is the result of the “silent” majority voting with their feet in favor of states with better economic opportunities, while the “vocal” minority of our elected officials continue to over regulate. In the decade from 2006, California’s population has grown 1.077% to 38.8 million as a result of internal growth (kids having kids) and we have less manufacturing jobs today than we had in 2006.

    California’s unreasonable tax system and burdensome regulatory structure continue to frustrate California businesses and is very inflationary on the economy. The California financially challenged will continue to disproportionally pick up the costs “camouflaged” at businesses and the wealthy.


    With more taxes to cover the constantly increases in spending to protect state workers and lucrative pension plans for public employees, it presents a multiple choice question: A) Will further tax increases and more expensive fuels and energy help attract businesses into CA and help us retain the ones still here, OR B) Will it provide further incentives to continue the exodus from an over regulated state that is going further in debt, resulting in fewer paying taxes and thus increases the homeless and poverty and the deficit?

    The answer from our elected officials is that “we have great weather”!

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