PICO-ROBERTSON (CBSLA) — A brazen team of burglars caught on camera breaking into a family’s Pico-Robertson home.

As CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen reports, the burglars busted into the home on Tuesday afternoon.

“I can’t even describe the pain that I feel,” said Dr. Ilona Casellini about a watch and other pieces of jewelry, cash and personal belongings stolen from her home.

The burglary was captured on security cameras while she and her husband Brad Myslinski were away at work.

It starts with a guy knocking on the door.

He was casing the house on the phone while he was telling his accomplices no one was home.

Then a dark car pulled into the driveway — before two men in hoodies jumped over the fence and headed toward the back of the house.

One guy even tried to redirect another camera before they broke in.

They smashed a window.

The couple is hoping someone will turn them in because the crooks made off with a watch that Myslinski’s parents gave to him after he graduated from Navy flight school.

“That thing had as many flight hours as I did on missions and they took it,” said Myslinski.

And then there’s a watch which Dr. Casellini’s father gave to her husband on their wedding day — after a bit of a miracle.

It was was stolen once before and her dad found it on E-Bay eight years later and bought it back.

The couple was planning to pass it on if they were to have kids one day.

“You try to tell yourself they’re only material things but they have emotional attachment,” said Dr. Casellini. “And it hurts.”


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