POMONA (CBSLA)   — A  vigil was held in Pomona Sunday evening to honor the life of a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Gregory Casillas, 30, was not known by the entire community but the entire community is in mourning.

CBS2’s Greg Mills stood outside the Pomona police station where hundreds came to pay their respects. Many came and left flowers in a growing memorial.

Several people who knew Casillas were too upset to talk on camera. But they told Mills he was “a great guy who really had his heart in the right place.”

Many on the police force told Mills they were gladdened to see the support being shown Casillas and their entire department.

Police from Irwindale and Azusa will help patrol Pomona streets so that a larger number of Pomona police can attend the vigil, Mills reported.

Residents of the apartment building where Casilla was murdered late Friday, have still not been able to return home as police continue to process a very large crime scene.

Casillas’ father spoke to many officers. He didn’t want to appear on camera but attended the vigil.

Later, Gregory Casillas Sr., spoke about his son’s love for his job.

“He was a great person as a son,” Casillas Sr. said, “He was a great son.  As a police officer, we spoke literally every day.  And he always said, ‘I’m doing this because this is what I love.'”




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