PASADENA (CBSLA) — The line cook at CaliBurger in Pasadena is fast, efficient and headless.

Flippy, a $60,000 burger-flipping robot, is now working at CaliBurger in Pasadena.

The robot can cook 150 burgers an hour, but it does have some limitations – it needs a human to put the patties on the grill.

Restaurants across the country are racing to incorporate technology with restaurant operations, mostly to improve customer service. Trends that have caught on the fastest include online and mobile ordering, digital menu boards and tabletop checkout.

CaliBurger says Flippy will become available at multiple locations this year.

“Every new CaliBurger restaurant is being designed with an eye toward implementation of the technologies being developed by Cali Group’s affiliated companies, Jonathan Wong, Chief Operating Officer of CaliBurger, said in a statement.

One of those technologies includes deploying a platform that would operate an entire restaurant from an app on a single tablet, Wong said.

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  1. As Government requires high minimum wage for mostly unskilled workers, that may or may not show up for work, robots like Flippy will become the norm. Look at the cost of Flippy, most fast food places are open at least 11-hours a day, 11 hours times 365 days times $15 is $60,225 a year, this does not even include the employee overhead cost, like the employer matching Social Security costs. So Flippy has paid for itself in a year. Yes, flippy will some TLC by some non-minimum wage employee, but still a savings overall for the business.

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