LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — If you hate your driver’s license photo – and who doesn’t? – one Southern California lawmaker wants to give you a reason to smile.

A new bill working its way through Sacramento would allow drivers take multiple photos and then choose which one to use on their license – for a fee, of course.

Senate Bill 1407 doesn’t specify how much the proposed service would cost, but an additional fee would be assessed for each additional photo taken.

State Senator Josh Newman (D-Brea), who introduced the bill, says revenue from the additional fees would go towards a fund to develop and provide driver education and training programs.

“SB 1407 would create a new revenue source for something that is really lacking in public education,” said Newman. “Driver education needs to be a funding priority for the state and this legislation creates a simple mechanism to bring drivers education back to our schools.”

What the bill does not do is allow drivers to, say, take a selfie and use it for their ID: photos would be required to meet specific format and size guidelines in order to be used on a license.

SB 1407 is currently making its way through the California Legislature.


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