LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —   Actress Rose McGowan sent condolences to the family of Jill Messick, her former manager who took her own life Wednesday.

In an Instagram post, the actress said she wished Messick’s family “solace.”

Messick’s family blamed McGowan and Harvey Weinstein — as well as segments of the media — for causing Messick to break.

McGowan had been vocally critical of Messick saying she believed that her manager didn’t have her back. She cited Messick taking a job at Miramax — then run by Weinstein and his brother — months after she allegedly accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Messick said she recalled McGowan saying she got into a hot tub with Weinstein and later regretted it but never discussed it being sexual assault. She wrote that in an email to Weinstein which he later released publicly without her consent.

That caused Messick’s family to lash out at both McGowan and Weinstein for involving Messick and putting her in the middle.

(credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

McGowan’s first post on Instagram following Messick”s suicide made no mention of her former manager. She had posted a photo of herself receiving an award for her speaking out against sexual assaults. That post was deleted after many people questioned how she could say nothing about a woman who helped launch her career.

McGowan does not mention Weinstein by name.  In her Instagram post she simply referred to him as “the bad man.”




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