EL SERENO  (CBSLA)  —  A 30-year-old mother was killed while jogging Wednesday morning by a hit-and-run driver.

The fact their mother is dead has her four young children in complete grief.

They spoke to KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz looking for justice for their mom, Monica Zuniga.

“The person he killed, we miss her so much. We wish we could see her and the driver is still out there. What if he does it to another person? Another kid like me will be sad like that, too,” said 11-year-old Arturo.

He said he’s been crying all day because a driver hit his mom and left her on the street to die.

“The car just left her like she was an animal. He didn’t get up to see if she was all right. He just left. I just want him to, if he’s watching, to tell the police it was him. Just turn himself in,” he said.

His mom was jogging just before 5 a.m. near Huntington Drive and Eastern Avenue in El Sereno when she was hit.

Arturo and his sister Julie wish they could talk to their mom one more time.

“And I love her,” said Julie.

LAPD says the driver was in a dark colored 2000-2005 Volkswagen Rabbit. They believe the vehicle could have front end and windshield damage.

Seeing the siblings in tears is hard for their dad to watch.

“You broke my kids’ heart. And that’s not right. God’s gonna get you and punish you for this. You’re gonna suffer for this. Trust me and believe that,” said Jorge Nunez.

A GoFundMe page has been established in Monica’s honor.

Also, Friday the LAPD will have a checkpoint to help bring in leads. A $50,000 reward is being offered leading to arrest of the driver.

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  1. Steve Getz says:

    This Hit and Run “epidemic” in LA has gotten totally out of control and the loss is of innocent life terrible being left to die on the street like a road kill.

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