WESTWOOD (CBSLA) — Another sexual assault near the UCLA campus has students on edge.

The attack today makes it three in just over a week.

UCLA police say a student met another UCLA student using a dating app and was sexually assaulted inside her on-campus apartment.

Police won’t say what exactly happened or what dating app was used but other students tell us they always have a friend with them when meeting someone new.

“I say one of us in the room with each other to make sure no funny business goes on,” one student said.

“If you’re meeting someone for the first time definitely always go the public route,” another added.

A second sexual assault happened at an apartment off campus. The UCLA student told police she knew her attacker.

Students say victim-shaming has kept women quiet in the past.

“The girls who do come out and talk about it, it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s lying. She asked for it,’ all these things. Like, nobody wants that to be their reputation,” a student said.

Some women are no longer afraid to report their attacker: like the woman who told police a man grabbed her backside and took her cell phone early Monday morning then gave it back to her. She took his photo and shared it with officers.


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