PACOIMA   (CBSLA)  —   A local youth football coach and father of two who was detained by ICE earlier this month was released Monday.

Raymond Torres, 30, came to the U.S. when he was two. He knows nothing about Mexico, has no relatives there and doesn’t speak the language.

“We were in a 23 hour lockdown – like we were inmates. We are not inmates. We are detainees. No food. No water. I went twice to medical for dehydration,” Torres said.

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Authorities detained Torres after he dropped his son off at school Jan. 11.

His attorney says “Coach Ray” is dedicated to his family and young people and the kids he coaches football with.

“ICE is abusing their power,” says attorney Ericka Roman Maury, “They’re doing this all across the nation. This was a seizure, pure and simple. They have to have a warrant, and they did not have a warrant.”

“I feel that they’re just trying to tear my family apart,” said Torres fiancee, Areceli Galvez.

ICE says Torres has a criminal history including a DUI more than a decade ago along with a marijuana possession charge when he was a teen. He is undocumented and was brought to the U.S.

“He has had some issues in the past. They’ve been resolved years ago. Other parents trust him taking care of their kids. As you know he’s a coach,” his attorney said.

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  1. How does he have a job, it means a company is hiring ILLEGALS and should get fined. He should have realized how he could get deported by doing something that was breaking the law. But he got a DUI anyway and had marijuana. I AM SO UPSET THAT THEY THINK HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO BREAK THE LAW. HE NEEDS TO GET DEPORTED. I AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF ALL OF THIS. MY GRANDPARENTS DID WHAT THEY HAD TO TO BECOME CITIZENS, THEY WORKED HARD AND NOW EVERYONE WANTS TO SAY ITS OK TO BREAK THE LAW. get over it and if you get caught its their fault. He caused the problem that he has. His family now has to deal with the problem he caused. I will be very upset if the judge does nothing.

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