LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Hospitals are working around the clock to provide care for those sick and affected by this year’s worsening flu season.

“I’m unaware of a flu influx like this one for at least a decade,” said Kaiser Permanente Dr. Ramona Snipes.

According to Dr. Snipes, Kaiser opened up at least two-dozen extra rooms in order to accommodate the amount of people coming to the hospital with the flu.

“We have had some doctors come back from vacation,” said Dr. Snipes. “We’ve even called in emergency traveling nurses.”

Loma Linda University Medical Center is experiencing the same influx of patients and have set up a tent typically used for disasters to deal with the growing amount of flu patients.

“We’ve actually overflowed pretty much every day so far,” said Dr. Adrian Cotton from Loma Linda University Medical Center. “We’ve had about 150 patients total that have gone through the tent in the past two weeks.”

People that have yet to receive a flu shot are strongly recommended to do so by the CDC.


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