Parks, museums, shows, or maybe the occasional weekend dessert, makes for a great way to spend some quality time with your little humans. Here is sampler menu of some of the cool ways to enjoy your weekend and score some mommy and daddy points with the kids.

Explore The El Dorado Nature Center
El Dorado Park
Long Beach
This 105-acre sanctuary is nestled right off the 605 freeway and yet, you’d never know it. With 2 miles of dirt trails, a ¼ mile of paved trail, two lakes, a stream, and plenty of lush forest area, this is a great way to feel like you are far away without having to make that drive. Explore the plants and animals that call the oasis home and learn the importance of preservation in the same fun afternoon.

Go On A Tidepool Walk
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
San Pedro
Explore the sea life of the tide pools down at Point Fermin. Before getting down to the water, children and parents are invited to attend an informative presentation at the John M. Olguin Auditorium to ensure guests know what to look for. Naturalists will led the walk and better explain the specifics while keeping things engaging for guests.

Barnsdall Art Sundays
Barnsdall Art Park
Los Angeles
Every Sunday, Barnsdall hosts free, open to the public art workshops. Volunteers lead these sessions and each week offers a new lesson. The activity planned for this Sunday will be led by Sarah Hage and will explore the Watts Towers. All materials are provided for the participating children.

Explore The History Of Trains
Travel Town Museum
Los Angeles
With a focus on the history and innovation of transport from the late 1800s through the industrial revolution, kids will simply be excited to see the 43- full-scale railroad engines on site. In addition to being able to board the cars and engines, there is a miniature train ride that is guaranteed to seal the deal.

Take An Ice Cream Making Class
Culver City
While this something that needs to be arranged ahead of time, the Culver City Coolhaus location not only serves up incredible ice cream sandwiches but they also offer ice cream making classes. Designed to accommodate 15-20 guests at a time, this is a great way to celebrate a birthday, a great report card, or just cement your spot coolest parent of the year.

Article by Ramon Gonzales.


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