BURBANK (CBSLA) — Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for roughly 180 homes near the Fish Fire burn area in the city of Duarte. The evacuations began at 7 p.m. but many are sticking their ground.

Since that fire happened over a year ago many people in Duarte feel regrowth will keep them protected. Most of the people Tina Patel spoke with say they are more prepared than recent fire areas.

“If I got to go, if this gets inundated, I know to get out, I’m not stupid,” homeowner Kevin Sexton said. “But I’m not going anywhere, because if I can stop something, I’m going to be here.”

That homeowner says he signed a waiver with the sheriff’s department, letting them know he’d be staying. But there is an evacuation center at the Duarte Community Center, for those who need a place to stay.

Other homeowners believe that since the Fish Fire was as recent as the others, a lot of vegetation has grown making the ground more stable.

However, the sheriff’s department isn’t taking any chances. They’ve been going door to door in these foothill neighborhoods, letting homeowners know that there are mandatory evacuations now in place. Up to six inches of rain is possible and there could be some severe mudslides if that much falls in a short amount of time here. The hillsides above these 200 or so homes burned over a year ago during the Fish Fire, so the ground is not that stable. But many homeowners are planning to ride out this storm, hoping the K-rails and sandbags they’ve got in front of their homes will be enough to protect their property.

Officials with the city of Burbank issued a “voluntary evacuation warning” that took effect at 10 p.m. for the following areas:

Country Club Drive above Via Montana; Hamline Place; 925 to 1030 Groton Drive; 830 to 849 Stephen Road; 907 to 936 Joaquin Drive; 2906 and 2934 Olney Place; 2934 Remy Place; 2949 Mystic View Place; 3430-3436 Brace Canyon Road; 3301 to 3310 Brookshire Court; 3318, 3321, 3322 and 3422 Wedgewood Court; 3514-3519 Folkstone Court; and 3529-3530 Castleman Lane.

An evacuation center has been set up by the Red Cross at the Duarte Community Center, 1600 Huntington Drive.


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