LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —  Her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 75th Golden Globes had Oprah Winfrey nostalgic and fiercely protective of the free press.

She also talked a lot about inspiring young women to achieve.

Without mentioning President Trump by name, she talked about a “new day” in Hollywood with women being empowered. Her comments could have easily translated to life in America.

The Twitter-verse blew up with many celebrities believing Oprah was sounding more like a politician on the stump with an eye on the White House in the next election.

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  1. Women have had a lot of power for many years, and it is a joy to see them still striving to overcome the economic and social hurdles that have existed for so long at the hands of men. Women have had a lot of power for years and let’s hope that they will do a better job than men at eradicating our nation of the housing, employment, and education discrimination that still exists. If we had one tenth of the energy — that many use fighting sexual harassment —to use against racism…..Check out Youtube Channel JUAN VALLDEZ.

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