LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —    You’re more likely to get struck by lightning … twice.

But it you were to win Friday evening’s Mega Millions jackpot and the top prize in Saturday’s Powerball contest, you’d walk away with more than $700 million — before taxes.

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The pretty bad odds of winning, of course, don’t keep throngs of people from playing.

You will always hear, “someone has to win it.” And someone often does.

KCAL9’s Joy Benedict went out in search of people who believe luck is on their side.

It’s always a sight to see — the line to Blue Bird Liquors in Hawthorne wrapped around the block. Patrons paying to dream about taking home $300  million, but this was five years ago!

The line Friday was shorter. Strange since there are two jackpots both up for grabs.

“When it’s big, you gotta go,” said one man.

But is $300 million big enough?

“Chump change! I’ll take it!,” said Staci Copeland before pausing. “I’ll take $2 million.”

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It’s not the lucky store keeping the crowds away. It may be the winnings.

She  has been buying her tickets at Blue Bird for years. But she has noticed a change in the crowds recently, as the game has changed.

“They increased the cost of the ticket that helps,” she says.

Powerball tickets went $1 to $2 two years ago, adding 10 more white balls, making it harder to win. Since then, there have been only 15 jackpots won, and half of them cashed in at more than $300 million. So it’s not as unusual to see a jackpot of this size.

“And since Mega Millions also changed its ticket price to $2, two months ago you can bet these high jackpots are going to come more frequently.

“I wanna get the big winner,” said one man.

As does has everyone here, which is why many keep buying — and dreaming that this little ticket will change their life, even if they “only” win $300 million.

For the record, no one matched all six numbers in Friday’s Mega Millions draw. The next jackpot for that game will be an estimated $343 million. The next draw is Tuesday.

CBS2’s Stacey Butler reports that lottery fever is catching all over. She spoke to many in Orange County who already seemed to have their plans set for the money.

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