LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The countdown to buy pot legally in California is on. Starting Jan. 1 California will be the largest state in the nation with legal marijuana. As retailers prepare for the green rush, primarily in edibles infused with marijuana, Dr. Jim Keany, the head of the emergency department at Mission Hospital has concerns.

Dr. Keany says he’s already seeing a growing number of young children in the ER after overdosing on edibles they mistake for cookies and candy.

“A lot of these edibles are made to look like candy are candy,” Keany said.

If we see overdoses it’s almost always edibles because they eat them they wait a half hour and they don’t feel an effect,” Keany said. “They eat some more, they wait another half hour sometimes the first dose hasn’t hit for an hour, by the time they take a third dose they’re high as a kite, paranoid screaming, seeing things

You won’t need a medical card to buy leaves and edibles.You can even buy marijuana infused Sauvignon Blanc. But not every city will be ready for the rollout on the 1st. San Francisco is running a few days behind and L.A. won’t start accepting applications for licenses to sell recreational pot until later next week.

New rules will state that ecah edible can have no more than 10 milligrams of THC each.

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