LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Is Los Angeles prepared for pot legalization?

Beginning Jan. 1 in California all you need is a picture ID showing you’re at least 21 to buy pot products.

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The trouble is, businesses don’t yet have their licenses to sell them to you.

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“Jan. 1 there are no adult use sales in the City of Los Angeles but over time these businesses will be able to get their approvals,” said Cat Packer, executive director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation for the City of Los Angeles.

Packer says temporary licenses could be issued within the next few weeks.

She says cannabis dispensaries, which sell to people with a medical prescription, will be the first stores to get the OK to sell to adult recreational users.

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“We’re ready to go,” said BJ Caretta, head of marketing for MedMen, a chain of cannabis dispensaries operating in California and New York.

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He says adult recreational customers will have access to most of the products available to people with medical prescriptions — but there is a catch.

Recreational users will have to pay a 25 percent tax levied by the state and city.

A dose pen for example will cost medical customers $100 and recreational users $125.

And there will be stricter regulations on cannabis products that could attract children.

“Childproof packaging coming in January. Jars of childproof edible bags. You’re not going to be able to have gummy bear edibles,” said Caretta.

Emily Koeller says tighter regulations involving edibles is wise.

“Keeping kids safe is important,” said Koeller. “The edible experience is a tricky one to get right.”

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And she’s OK with the 25 percent tax. As customers wander in to see all of the options that will soon be available to adults with a picture ID and an interest in stepping into the new high-tech world of cannabis.