WASHINGTON (CBS)  —   CBS is reporting that former “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault Newman was escorted out of the White House after she protested being fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Newman recently announced she was leaving the administration next month. Kelly apparently wanted to up her departure date.

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CBS’s Major Garrett reports Newman was fired on Tuesday and Kelly gave her until Jan. 20 to clear out. Newman apparently did not like those terms, and went to the president’s residence, presumably to keep her job. She reportedly tripped off alarms, angering Kelly further.

Kelly then, according to Garrett, had her escorted from the building.

Depending on the news outlet, “escorted out” took on different interpretations.

The New York Daily News, overtly anti-Trump, described Newman as “throwing a tantrum” and having to be “physically” escorted out manually.

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Fox News, usually very favorable to the president, described her ouster as being “physically dragged” from the White House grounds.

Late Wednesday, President Trump tweeted his appreciation for his former “Apprentice” co-star.

She worked in the president’s communication office and was reportedly working on black outreach for the administration.

Wednesday morning, the White House issued a statement saying she had resigned Tuesday “to pursue other opportunities.” The statement said her resignation would be effective in January. The Secret Service later tweeted they did not escort her off the property but that her security badge was deactivated.

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