FONTANA (CBSLA) – A disturbing and graphic video posted to social media that shows a teen boy throwing a cat into the street like it’s a football s under investigation by authorities in San Bernardino County.

The approximately 10-second video — which has been shared thousands of times on Twitter — shows a boy holding up a cat in the front yard of a home. The boy then launches the cat what appears to be at least 20 yards. The cat can be heard screeching and whimpering as it lands in the street.

From the video, it’s unclear if the cat survived the throw. Officials said Saturday the cat did survive but has a broken leg.

CBSLA is not sharing the video due to its graphic and disturbing nature.

The Fontana Police Department tweeted Saturday that it had been contacted by several people regarding the video.

“It has been determined that the incident took place outside our city and we are working with the appropriate jurisdiction to find the cat and the suspect,” police wrote.

The Press-Enterprise newspaper reported Saturday that the user who initially shared the video identified themselves as a student at A.B. Miller High School in Fontana.

Meanwhile, Ontario police told the Enterprise that they were also investigating the incident.

Late Saturday, police said they know who their 16-year-old suspect is but have not located him. They will not release his name due to his underage status.

KCAL9’s Robert Gray spoke to neighbors in Ontario where there incident took place.

Gray reported the incident took place Friday in a quiet cul-de-sac. And the neighbors he spoke to were dumbfounded as to why anyone would do such a cruel thing to the animal, let alone share it on video.

“It’s like torturing a little kid,” said Brenda Perez. “It’s an animal, but it’s like torturing a little kid. What’s the point of him  throwing an animal across the street?”

Some neighbors recognized the kid in question.

“I know who he is,” said Oscar Ramos, “but I don’t know his name. He hangs around here in the alley all the time. Bunch of little kids doing drugs. They think they’re cool. He probably did it just to look cool on video.”

“It was kind of stupid and childish,” said Stephanie Roman, “I don’t know what drugs he was on to do that but, it’s really dumb. Yeah, he should go to jail.”

The cat’s owner did not want to talk on camera. She also said she didn’t want to give the teen and his videographer any more attention.

She told Gray the adopted cat is okay and animal authorities were helping set the cat’s fractured leg.

No arrests have been made. The suspect could be facing a felony animal cruelty charge.


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  1. obbop says:

    Diversity and multiculturalism is destroying the Founder’s creation.

  2. Karen Smith says:

    cat’s owner did not want to talk on camera because she didn’t want to give the teen more attention? Are you kidding me? HE NEEDS The attention so everyone knows what evil kid he is. Pure evil and the loser who recording it. Burn in hell losers.

  3. Dwain Meyer says:

    Throw him back across the border.

  4. click52 says:

    Break the kid’s legs, and offer no medical assistance!

  5. Mark Murphy says:

    let’s find out where he lives

  6. Steve Hollar says:

    Aren’t you a big man. You pathetic pile of pig dung. I would love to stomp your putrid face in.

  7. Barley Booth says:

    building him a trebuchet as we speak. I can chuck him a couple of football fields easy. Onto a freeway for the bonus points.

  8. Send him to live in San Fransisco where they like that kind of stuff.

  9. Lee Jenkins says:

    Maybe he’ll enjoy getting “thrown around” by the big boys if he did a little prison time. And, btw, i’ve never seen anyone throw a football like that. Looks more like a hand grenade.

  10. Samuel Green says:

    If someone threw my cat 20 yards, that person would be force fed EVERYTHING in my cats litterbox.

    Hopefully this little punk gets a taste of his own medicine if incarcerated.

  11. dear parents, what kind of human garbage are you raising ??

  12. hitrestart1 says:

    Today, a helpless cat. Tomorrow, an innocent child. Feral sociopath needs to be removed from society.

  13. Marc Swanson says:

    I certainly hope that the police are able to identify the creep. When the unfortunate cat first appears in the video it was limp with trust yet it was violently thrown with the intent to kill or cripple.

  14. Get the prick that filmed it as an accomplice too.