Sponsored By Avocados From Chile

By Kip Parra 

There is a special place nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the longest country in the world. A narrow strip of land with over 2,670 miles of coastline and an average width of 117 miles…this is the country of Chile.

What’s so special about Chile? Everything about the landscape of Chile is special, from the spectacular mountains of Patagonia to the colorful homes overlooking the bay in Valparaiso and the stunning green-turquoise waters of Laguna Verde. Chile is a kaleidoscope of color and culture with a history as rich as the soil and a future of infinite promise.

With over 17 million people within its borders, Chile is a melting pot consisting of many diverse backgrounds. It is a country built with a passion for responsible work ethics, realistic goals, and the desire to create products of exceptional quality. There is one agricultural product that thrives in the unusually diverse geography of Chile: the renowned avocado.

Avocado trees are one of the few species that can be cultivated commercially on hillsides, with the advantage of growing frost-free (avoiding the cold air as it moves to lower altitudes) within two fertile valleys. The majority of groves planted within the last ten years have been specifically established on hillside locations as the climatic conditions in Chile produce avocados of outstanding quality, leading to approximately 71,660 acres of avocado groves thriving today.

Chile is a place defined by its diverse population and the consistent celebration of life. The avocado has become a reflection of the country where they are grown, with a commitment to quality and excellence.

  1. Show a picture of Torres del Paine at latitude 51 S, more than 2500 km from where any avocados grow. Clever. Ever wonder why media are held in such low regard? This is one of the stupidest articles I have ever read.

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