BUENA PARK (CBSLA) — Wounded as he rescued 30 people the night of the Las Vegas mass shooting, an Orange County man now lives with a bullet lodged in his neck, too risky for doctors to remove.

“I just look at it as …doesn’t kill you makes you stronger words live by right now,” Jonathan smith said.

It’s a motto the father of three from Buena Park is reminded of as he listened to the Las Vegas victims fund committee discuss Tuesday night just how money donated to victims should be dispersed.

As it stands the committee plans to give families of the 58 who were killed the biggest payout. Then, those who had to go to the hospital.

Even though Smith took a bullet, he says PTSD is more of a struggle than his physical pain. He hasn’t returned to work as a copier technician since the shooting. He understands why victims like an Orange County woman who wasn’t physically wounded, want part of the fund to be dispersed to them.

“At night when you close your eyes, I find myself standing in fear with bodies and blood…and this isn’t something I would wish upon my worst enemy,” Linda Liewsuwanphong said.

Many are now hoping the committee will give those who weren’t medically treated, but now emotionally struggling, some financial help.

“Some people lost their jobs. we have to support ourselves someway,” Smith said.

The committee is going to take feedback until Dec. 8. Shortly after victim’s will be able to file a claim.

  1. you spelled “disbursed” incorrectly. Disburse is related to money. Disperse is a different word.

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