At least seven 2017 Honda Accords have been vandalized for their rims, police said.

MONTEREY PARK (CBSLA) — A string of thefts in the San Gabriel Valley has shown a trend of targeting a specific item on one specific model of car.

Criminals in the area have stolen the rims off at least seven 2017 Honda Accords within the last week, Monterey Park Police said.

A victim who did not wish to be identified told CBS2 News that, not even 24 hours after getting his Accord, his car was stripped of its wheels and tires.

Security video of one of the thefts shows suspects in a silver or gray, four-door sedan drive away after taking the wheels off a car. Their M.O. is to leave the car on cinder blocks.

Police say these cars are being targeted, specifically, because they have 19-inch, silver or black alloy wheels, which are worth a lot of money.

The unnamed victim told CBS2 replacing all four wheels could set him back up to $4,000.

“You work nice to have nice things in life,” said the father of two. “For somebody to take things away from you like that, its very upsetting.”

Police recommend parking in a safe area and getting wheel locks.

  1. Howie Truong says:

    That’s why I only use basic rim and tires. No thieves want to steal that.

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