WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA) — A homeowner in Woodland Hills is so afraid since burglars broke into her home through a sliding-glass door that she’s now going to extremes to make sure they don’t return.

The woman, a 15-year-resident at the home, had decades of family jewelry taken in her first burglary experience.

“I keep the radio on in my bedroom.  I keep the kitchen light on. I leave my vacuum cleaner out so they think that I’m vacuuming,” the homeowner, who remained anonymous, said. “They made me feel very uncomfortable and very uneasy.”

Tuesday afternoon an LAPD officer spent hours telling neighbors about a rash of recent daytime burglaries and mail thefts, one of which was caught on camera of a guy on a scooter.

Steve Sirken’s home was also hit.

“They grabbed a drawer that had the jewelry in it and then they jumped over the fence and a bunch of the jewelry fell out,” Sirken said.

Another neighbor put up a camera Tuesday night after police suggested it was a good idea along with an alarm.

“The alarm worked and the police came out here. But they were in and out within five minutes.”

The officer told neighbors a dog helps deter burglars.

“A watch dog sound machine does the trick too. If you’re leaving for the weekend check in with your neighbors too,” the officer said.

“Anytime we go on vacation we like to let our neighbors know, ‘Hey, if a moving van pulls up, no no, we’re not moving, we’re on vacation’,” Sirken said.


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