SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — A 27-year-old Palmdale man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly ejaculating multiple times into a female co-worker’s water and honey jar, according to prosecutors.

Stevens Millancastro (Millan) was charged on Nov. 17 after prosecutors say he masturbated at their office in La Palma and placed his semen in the victim’s honey jar two times between November and December 2016.

Jane Doe is believed to have consumed the contaminated honey approximately every other day without knowing it contained semen, prosecutors say.

During that time, Millan – who had worked with the alleged victim since 2014 – is also accused of ejaculating into the victim’s water bottle on two separate occasions.

The victim noticed the water looked cloudy and threw the bottles away each time, until on Jan. 9, 2017; prosecutors say she noticed a third water bottle on her desk appeared to be contaminated with semen and reported the incident to her supervisor, who set up a surveillance camera in her office.

Millan was allegedly caught on camera on Jan. 23 going into the victim’s office prior to Jane Doe sitting at her desk and finding her computer mouse was smeared with semen, according to prosecutors.

He is facing up to two and a half years in jail on battery and vandalism charges along with a sentencing enhancement for committing the crimes for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Orange County District Attorney Brock Zimmon told CBS2/KCAL9 “every possible crime” was considered in the case.

“Everything that would fall within the normal crimes of what you would consider sexual assault, rape, etc.,” he said. “The only crimes that could be filed were the current misdemeanor crimes.”

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