ANAHEIM (CBSLA)    —   You’re driving along and hear a siren from an emergency vehicle.

We all know what we are supposed to do — move over quickly and get to the right. But are drivers out there doing the right thing?

CBS2’s Eye in the Sky Stu Mundel steps out of the chopper for a little ground duty. He took an exclusive look with an officer to see just how responsive, or unresponsive, drivers can be.

“I  would say that virtually every Code 3 response or emergency response there’s at least one person who does something that’s contrary to the law,” says Daron Wyatt, a sergeant with the Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim Fire and Rescue.

Wyatt says drivers not responding more quickly isn’t just a delay in response time, it’s a danger to everyone.

Mundel took a ride-a-long with Wyatt to see the problem first-hand.

So how far ahead do the cars start reacting?

“If somebody’s paying attention it can be a good couple hundred feet ahead of you. If they’re paying attention you can see it,” Wyatt says.

And, almost immediately, they encountered drivers who weren’t paying attention.

Sgt. Wyatt says while responding to an emergency, safety is always their number one priority. And there are rules they still have to follow.

“We are trained not to pass on the right,” he said, “We have to go to the left of the law. That’s why people need to move to the right. So if we end up doing around on the right and somebody moves into us, we’ll be at fault.”


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