LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Tonight, the World Series predictions will end and the rivalry will be settled – at least for this season.

But for Dodgers and Astros fans alike, it’s probably no surprise that when it comes to La La Land and the Lone Star State, the similarities may begin and end with a love for baseball, according to Nielsen research.

Dodgers fans are more likely than Astros fans to frequent sports bars, belong to a gym, vote Democrat, drive a hybrid vehicle, buy Major League Baseball team apparel and spend three or more hours a day on social networking sites.

On the other hand, researchers say Astros fans are more likely than Dodgers fans to be married, over 35 years old, vote Republican, drive a truck, eat meat and be on a weight-loss program.

The Dodgers have the fifth-largest fan base in the U.S., according to Nielsen Sports Sponsorlink. The Astros rank 16th.

But in a seemingly contradictory finding, Nielsen research from 2017 showed the percent of people who watched, attended or listened to an Astros game in the Houston market over the past year was 42 percent, well ahead of the 31 percent of Los Angeles adults following the Dodgers.

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Perhaps least surprising: when it comes to celebrating a victory with an adult beverage, both Dodgers and Astros fans reach for a beer first, but Dodgers fans in Los Angeles are more likely to drink wine and liquor than their Texan counterparts.

After Game 7, however, there’s a 100 percent probability that only one of these groups will be popping the bubbly.


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